worst places to have sex in

No matter what you do, avoid thee places when getting frisky with your lover...

No matter what you do, avoid these places when getting frisky with your lover…

Now while being sexually adventurous is an attribute you should have to keep your lover on her toes when it comes to giving her the satisfaction she wants in bed, simply getting careless with the places you get it on can lead to more problems than pleasure.

Sure there is nothing wrong with changing things up during sex, but no matter what you do avoid getting frisky with your partner in the following places or else you’ll just end up getting hurt and upset sooner than you think…

The beach.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, having sex on the beach is not as novel or pleasurable as it sounds. Besides exposing your intimate areas to grains of sand that can give you more than a nasty burn or two, there are also tiny creatures living in and on the beach that just might crawl up into places that they shouldn’t even remotely be supposed to.

Sea water also counteracts with the natural lubrication that your lover produces during sex. Instead of making things smooth and easy, she’ll just feel sore and raw regardless of how sexually aroused she may be.

The elevator.

The combination of excitement and the naughtiness of not being caught during the act are pretty much what makes sex in the elevator appealing to a lot of guys. However, apart from straining and feeling cramped the whole time, most elevators also have security cameras installed in them. You’ll only end up not getting satisfied and have trouble with security in the process.

The hot tub.

The phrase “getting wet and wild” can take on a new meaning if you pick the hot tub as your next lovemaking destination. Besides messing with your lover’s natural lubrication, the high temperatures produced by the hot tub can also encourage the development of bacteria and other nasty stuff.

By the way, if you’re looking to get your partner pregnant, the hot tub also significantly reduces your body’s ability to produce quality sperm. Better take your business somewhere else to really pull it off.

Recording it on video.

A lot of men think that it’s cool to record themselves while getting in action in bed. Sure it may be awesome to see yourself frame by frame doing the deed, but the possible repercussions are just too horrible to think of.

What if you accidentally upload it somewhere and it went viral? What if the gadget you used to record your sexual romp gets stolen and the content gets circulated on the web? Well, if you think that’s already horrible, we haven’t even questioned what will happen if your parents, siblings or relatives see it…

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