why you should masturbate often

Here's why you should masturbate more often...

Here’s why you should masturbate more often…

I’ve always been asked by a lot of guys if masturbation is beneficial to the body. Well, you’ll find out in a few moments why it should be on your regular schedule if you’re looking to become a better lover and more.

Now while this may sound surprising, masturbation is more than just about pleasuring yourself. It also has a few awesome benefits that will definitely boost your performance in the bedroom. Here are some good reasons why you should start making it a point to masturbate frequently…

Masturbation helps you discover your sexual peak.

Stimulating yourself is one way to have an idea when you are the most sexually aroused. A lot of men don’t even have the slightest clue where they are when it comes to their sexual peak, or the highest level of sexual arousal.

Not knowing if you’re already at your sexual peak or near it just leads to something quite terrible the next time you and your lover are getting frisky in the bedroom: premature ejaculation.

Having an idea what your sexual peak is basically lets you know when you should slow down and take it easy during lovemaking since you’re just moments away from orgasm if you carry on with the speed and intensity you’re having.

Masturbation helps you do just that since you are more in control of the “action” while at it.

You can stave off some health issues by masturbating.

Did you know that masturbating regularly helps clear out the toxins and free radicals that may have accumulated in and around your colon?

Allowing these free radicals and toxins to build up continuously will potentially cause serious health problems in the long run like colon cancer and other diseases that can significantly affect your reproductive system.

Having a self-stimulation session at least four times a week is enough to get the job done. Just make sure you have enough lubrication whenever you’re getting busy to avoid feeling sore down there.

Masturbation can help you burn off calories.

Sure this may sound very surprising, but masturbation is a minor form of exercise. Apart from increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, it also stimulates your body to react as if you’re brisk walking or doing some other activity that can help you sweat it out if you do it long enough.

So how about having masturbation in your regular schedule and see the difference in your sex life sooner than you think?

Here are a few good reasons why you should masturbate regularly.

Here are a few good reasons why you should masturbate regularly.

If you’re anything like most men, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of crazy things about masturbation. Apart from having hairy hands, stimulating yourself too often can also lead to blindness.

However, they have been all proven to be just ridiculous myths all along. And what’s really interesting is masturbation turns out to have sexual benefits all along.

Sure this may sound a bit crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

Masturbation helps you know your sexual peak.

The male body releases different mood-altering hormones during sexual arousal. These hormones basically cause a few key changes in the body, including increasing blood pressure levels and making erogenous zones extra sensitive.

Moreover, these hormones also help the brain decide if it’s ready to achieve orgasm and even ejaculate. Unless you learn how to make these hormones slow down the process, then it’s possible to keep clear from ejaculating prematurely during sex. Remarkably, one effective way to do this is by masturbation.

Masturbation helps you have an idea when you reach your sexual peak, or the time when you’re most prone to reach the point of no return and “pop,” if you know what I mean. Just remember that practice makes perfect…and all of it’s going to be enjoyable as well.

Masturbation helps you develop rhythm.

One thing that can cause a lot of problems when you and your lover get frisky between the sheets is not having proper rhythm during sex. Apart from the possibility of making your partner feel that you’re rushing things, there is also the chance that you’re going to ejaculate prematurely.

See, self-stimulation helps you learn how to control how fast or slow you should go to avoid getting too excited and finish your lovemaking session before you really wanted to. It will help you balance the speed you should be at the next time things get steamy in the bedroom.

Just keep in mind to use a lot of lubricant while at it, too, so you won’t spoil the experience.

Masturbation prevents health problems.

Now while this may sound surprising, there are scientific findings that prove frequent ejaculation can help inhibit the development of cancer and similar issues that can affect the male reproductive system.

Apart from getting rid of free radicals and irritants that can potentially set off diseases like prostate cancer in the long run, regular ejaculation also helped maintain the natural flexibility of the erectile tissues in the penis.