why you should kiss her passionately

Here's why you should always kiss her passionately when things get hot in the bedroom...

Here’s why you should always kiss her passionately when things get hot in the bedroom…

I’ve always been a fan of kissing and so should you if you’re looking to give your lover an unforgettable time when things get hot in the bedroom. Here are a few superb reasons why you need to make smooching passionately a priority the next time you two get frisky:

Kissing helps women get relaxed.

Relaxation plays a key role in a woman’s sexual arousal. Unless your lover feels totally calm and comfortable, chances are she will have a tough time getting ready for sex no matter how hard you try. Even your slickest foreplay moves aren’t going to work if she’s not completely relaxed.

According to a study, kissing helps release happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin in the body that stimulates the system to become more relaxed to speed up the sexual arousal process. Plus, these hormones also stave off stress and anxiety while at it, too.

Kissing makes women more adventurous in bed.

Based on clinical findings, women who have more of the oxytocin hormone in their bodies during sexual arousal were inclined to be more willing to try new sexual positions with their husbands or partners. Simply kissing passionately for a few minutes can encourage the body to pump out oxytocin.

Apart from its ability to help a woman relax, this hormone also aids in getting rid of inhibitions that can hinder a woman from getting really wild in bed by boosting her self-esteem levels higher than usual during sex. If your lover’s oxytocin levels are through the roof, you can expect her to be extra kinky.

Kissing keeps the mouth clean and healthy.

Now while this may sound surprising, saliva contains beneficial compounds that help neutralize harmful microorganisms that can cause oral problems like tooth decay and gum problems. Laboratory tests also show that saliva can flush out plaque particles in and around the interior of the mouth as well.

Kissing helps you become closer with your lover or partner.

Medical findings reveal that kissing activates receptors in the brain that make you feel more attached to your lover or partner. Apart from taking your closeness up a notch, smooching passionately also helps her easily achieve a state of relaxation, which is one of the prerequisites for a woman to successfully become sexually aroused.

So how about making passionate kissing a priority on your sexual checklist as soon as you can? You’ll just be very surprised how things will turn out.