why you are coming too soon

Here are a few key reasons why you're going off too soon in bed these days...

Here are a few key reasons why you’re going off too soon in bed these days…

Chances you value your erections highly. Come to think of it. If you’re not able to get rock hard when the action’s getting hot between the sheets, you are definitely going to miss out on a lot in terms of sexual pleasure, right?

However, you’re noticing that the strength and intensity of your erections are getting rather weak these days.

This doesn’t mean that you’re already on your way to losing them completely like some so-called “sex experts” are saying though. You don’t have to grab creams, pills and other artificial stuff that claim to help you rise up to the occasion either.

There’s a big possibility that you’re just making the following erection-sapping mistakes…

You eat a lot of oily and salty food.

Now while I am not saying that you should not eat salty and oily food ever again, making them a mainstay in your regular diet can lead to hypertension and a surge in bad cholesterol sooner or later, which can hamper ideal blood flow in the body.

You smoke a lot.

Did you know that you’re introducing a lot of toxic chemicals in your body when you smoke a cigarette? Sure nicotine is there, but you’re also getting a dose of carbon monoxide and tar while you’re puffing away. It’s best if you kick your smoking habit as soon as you can.

You drink like a fish.

Now while I’ve previously emphasized the benefits of drinking alcohol moderately to your overall circulation and your ability to get rock hard on demand, having too much will just lead to the opposite. And you’re also putting yourself at risk to a lot of other health problems like liver cancer while at it as well.

You don’t exercise regularly.

You are basically keeping your blood flow ideal if you make it a habit to exercise in a regular basis. This is because you’re maintaining the elasticity and performance of the channels where blood flows like the blood vessels, veins and arteries when you sweat it out. At least 15 to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise every day will suffice.

You don’t masturbate from time to time.

Your body experiences the same sexual arousal when you’re making love and when you’re going solo. So you can think of it as a practice to get ready for the real thing. And practice makes perfect, right? (Here’s a simple way to make masturbation even more pleasurable, too.)

So you're popping off too soon during sex nowadays...

So you’re popping off too soon during sex nowadays…

I’ve been receiving lots of emails from readers these past few days from readers who are a bit worried why they’re going off too soon during lovemaking.

And if you’re experiencing from the same problem, don’t ever think about reaching for pills, creams and similar artificial stuff that claim to help you extend your bedroom playing time.

Maybe you’re just making a few mistakes that can be easily corrected. Follow along to find out what these are and give your lover a sex session she won’t be forgetting anytime soon…

You are extremely worried that you will ejaculate prematurely.

If you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, you probably already know that the brain plays a very important role when it comes to making love.

Besides prepping you up during sexual arousal by stimulating the endocrine system to produce and release positive hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that make your skin extra sensitive to stimulation and get an erection going.

Interestingly, these hormones also have the ability to prevent premature ejaculation.

That is if their negative counterparts, such as cortisol and adrenaline, don’t get in the picture. They just set off effects that are opposite their positive cousins produce. And worrying too much that you’ll come too soon is the biggest factor why they are let loose in the body.

So relax and enjoy the whole thing as much as you can and you’ll be alright.

You don’t masturbate often.

Now while this may sound surprising, not masturbating regularly can be a prime reason why you’re suffering from premature ejaculation.

See, giving yourself a round or two of self-loving in a regular basis helps the brain maintain its ability to release the right hormones during sexual arousal, from achieving a stable erection to ensuring that you’ll have a satisfying orgasm to warp the whole thing up.

What’s even more awesome about regularly masturbating is you can easily gauge when you’re at your sexual peak, so you can ease up the action and prevent coming quicker than you’d like.

You go too fast.

Ejaculation is basically a process that is triggered by the body when the penis is sufficiently stimulated.

However, it can be set off prematurely if you go through the whole thing too fast. The next time you and your lover get busy in bed, make it a point to go as slow and easy as you can and you’ll be surprised how long you will last while at it.

Do you find yourself coming too soon these days? Read this!

Do you find yourself coming too soon these days? Read this!

So you’re finding yourself coming too soon when things get hot in the bedroom these days…

No need to reach for pills, creams, salves and similar artificial stuff to stave off premature ejaculation yet though. Besides the fact that they don’t work, chances are you’ll be at risk of possible health issues that can result from doing so in the long run.

Are you looking to extend your bedroom playing time the next time you and your lover get frisky between the sheets? Here are a few key tips to keep in mind to pull off just that without a hitch:


Now while this may sound a bit simplistic, not making it a point to relax as much as you can during sex easily makes you pop too soon no matter how hard you try. This is because the brain fires up the endocrine glands to release a more than usual amount of stress hormones.

And when this happens, you won’t just find it rather tricky to last long in bed, but there’s also a very big possibility that you’ll find it difficult to get ready for lovemaking.

If you were wondering what stress hormones did to the body when they get in the picture during lovemaking, they simply disrupted the overall sexual arousal process and make the whole thing go haywire before you know it.

Take things slow and easy.

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are you just find yourself going full speed ahead when things get steamy in bed. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why you are coming too soon.

Make it a point to really keep things as slow and easy as you can so you won’t be coming a lot sooner than expected. Apart from disappointing yourself, you will also disappoint your lover more in the process. A lot on her part, too.

You can also resort to oral sex just to make sure you’re not popping anytime soon. Getting your fingers in action is also a smart idea. (Here are a few simple oral sex tips to help you get started on this.)

Focus on her pleasure.

Getting too conscious about your sexual pleasure during lovemaking makes you feel nervous. And when you feel nervous, the brain stimulates the endocrine system to produce and release stress hormones.

And when stress hormones are released…well, you get the picture. So make it a point to focus on her the whole time and you’ll be fine.