why sleep is important for your sex life

Not getting enough sleep can lead to problems in your sex life...

Not getting enough sleep can lead to problems in your sex life…

I’ve received a lot of messages in my inbox within the past few days from guys asking what would happen if they didn’t have enough sleep and could it be a reason that their sexual performance will weaken.

Now while not getting enough shuteye once or twice isn’t that big of a deal, being chronically sleep-deprived can greatly affect your sex life sooner or later.

Here are just a few of the effects of constantly not getting the right amount of sleep when things thing get hot in the bedroom:

Your sexual stamina will dwindle.

Sleep plays a key role in restoring the body’s energy levels. Apart from giving the muscles the rest and relaxation they need, it also eases up the activity of vital organs like the heart and lungs, which can be very intense when you are awake.

Unless the body gets the sufficient amount of sleep it requires, you won’t feel as energized as usual and will only feel considerably tired even to the point of lethargy.

And just imagine what would happen if your lover is in the mood for action between the sheets when you’re feeling really exhausted…

Sure it is possible that you can still have sex even if you don’t have the right energy levels, but you will only last quicker than you’d like to – and the possibility that you won’t orgasm while at it is very high as well.

Your testosterone will dip down.

Sleep helps the endocrine system produce testosterone, a sex hormone that can make or break your chances of getting an erection as well as keeping it long enough to make lovemaking possible.

Interestingly, the chronic lack of sufficient amount of sleep will only lead to a dramatic decline in testosterone levels.

What’s really scary is there’s even a chance that you won’t get an erection no matter how hard you try during sexual arousal when your testosterone levels are not up to par. Just think about how embarrassing the whole thing will be when that happens.

Your confidence levels will nosedive.

Now while this may sound surprising, sleep is one of the factors that keep your skin looking great and fresh. This is because getting the right amount of snoozing helps the body produce collagen, a natural chemical that repairs damaged skin.

Sure this may not be as critical as the other effects of the lack of testosterone in the body, but this can still affect your confidence when you’re on a date or simply trying to entice your partner for some action between the sheets.

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