why she isn’t excited for oral sex anymore

Here are a few mistakes that prevent your lover from getting the satisfaction she wants during oral sex...

Here are a few mistakes that prevent your lover from getting the satisfaction she wants during oral sex…

There’s no need to worry just yet if you’re noticing that your lover doesn’t seem to enjoy oral sex anymore when you go down on her. You are just probably making the following mistakes that hinder your partner from really getting off during cunnilingus.

You are skipping right to the vagina and clitoris.

Now while oral sex is pretty much all about stimulating your lover’s genitals, specifically the clitoris and vagina, not warming her up before you get right down to business is definitely a no-no if you’re looking to give her the pleasure she’s always wanted.

Make it a point to start things off with a few foreplay moves to get your partner really going in the bedroom. Stir up her imagination by making her anticipate. Kiss her passionately. Tease her with provocative caresses on her erogenous zones. Give her the notion that she’s about to get the best oral sex that she’ll ever have in a few moments.

You are doing the same things over and over again.

Oral sex is just like having a massage. It can feel fantastic in the beginning, but will surely become dull and boring if you only get the same sensations the whole time. No matter how pleasurable your cunnilingus techniques may be, your lover will just end up not enjoying them like you had in mind if you’re doing them again and again.

Make sure you always stimulate your partner’s genitals using different techniques each time you go down on her. Although there’s nothing wrong with using a few tried and tested ones during cunnilingus, keep in mind to have at least two to three new techniques up your sleeve to really wow her during oral sex.

You are going too fast.

If your lover is anything like most women, she probably likes oral sex to be slow and easy. Now while this may sound surprising, going too fast while at it will only lead to something less than desirable on the part of your partner.

Aside from preventing her from getting all the pleasure she wants during cunnilingus, going too fast will also make your lover feel that you’re rushing her so you can skip to the sexual penetration part…which can easily ruin her mood for lovemaking almost immediately.

Always remember to take it slow and easy so your lover will get all the pleasure she wants while ensuring that she’ll also become well lubricated for the next part of your sex session.