why being too nice can repel women

You don't really have to be too nice to attract women.

You don’t really have to be too nice to attract women.

As a guy who’s been on the dating scene for a while now, one thing that really disappoints me is the way some men are too nice when they’re around women.

Now while I am not hinting that nice isn’t a positive attribute for men, overdoing it will simply turn women off quicker than you think. So if you’re still unconvinced about the whole thing, make sure you follow along…

Women see really nice guys as boring.

Spontaneity is something women want to feel when they are building up a relationship with a man. Being too nice only makes them feel that they can easily predict every move you’ll make, which gives them the notion that things will get pretty boring along the way. They want a man who can make things lively and keep it that way.

Women see guys that are too nice as wimps.

Being a good protector is an attribute that never fails to attract women. Simply giving them the impression that you are too nice makes them feel that you can have a problem defending them when they’re in danger. Moreover, it also gives them the idea that you tend to allow people to treat you badly and won’t even complain about it a single bit.

Women think really nice guys can’t say no.

While we’re on the subject of getting treated badly, women believe that guys that seem to be very nice also can’t say no to whatever they’re asked. And this can mean a big deal when it comes to keeping a relationship interesting. Any woman can have a problem dealing with a man who always says yes no matter what she says to him.

Women think really nice men are insecure.

Men who are too nice seem to only seek approval from women they are trying to get closer with. And that makes them feel that they are quite insecure with themselves. Although making a woman feel special is a smart way to make her fall for you, just taking things over the top will only result to the opposite.

Women think guys that are too nice are simply pretending.

Come to think of it, men with perfect attitudes can only be found in the movies. Real men have flaws in them that make them unique among women. Guys who seem to be very nice are only too good to be true. And I’m putting my bet on the chances that they are.

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