what woman thinks of premature ejaculation

Want to know what women REALLY think about sex and premature ejaculation?  Then check this out…

A mistake that almost ALL men make when it comes to sex is that on some level they forget to really think about what’s going on the woman’s head.

I’m not pointing fingers, because I do this too.

And the reason this happens is because it’s natural to think about everything from your own perspective…  It’s just how we humans work.

But of course thinking from our own perspective doesn’t always lead to ideal outcomes when it comes to stuff like pleasing someone else.

In order to please someone else, aka a woman in bed, you’ve got to understand what they feel and what they enjoy about sex.

And you can’t do this when you’re running on autopilot and going about your business as usual.

You actually have to stop everything you’re doing and focus solely on getting into the mind of the woman you’re going to make love to.

When you stop and take just 5 minutes to solely focus on imagining BEING her, you’ll be amazed at the stuff you’ll discover.

I don’t even have to tell you any magic techniques or tricks, because just by doing this one exercise you’ll discover things you NEVER realized about her.

You’ll discover interesting new ways of pleasuring her and what kind of things she would like you to do in bed, but would probably never tell you.

And on top of that you’ll also probably have this breakthrough…

That women have insecurities too.

And during all that time you spend worrying about premature ejaculation she’s probably worrying about her own stuff.

Articles like this one on Some Of The Sex Mistakes Women Make prove that women are worrying way more about themselves during sex than you could probably ever have thought they were before.

And when you realize this you’ll massively take the pressure off yourself and you’ll find because of taking this pressure off that lasting longer in bed is a lot easier.

Now after you take 5 minutes to get into the mind of the woman you’re going to sleep with go check out my special 3 step method on How To Last Longer In Bed.  Armed with the knowledge of how your woman works you’ll be able to use the techniques needed for lasting longer in bed with 10x more effectiveness.