things that prevent her from achieving orgasm

These factors can prevent her from getting an orgasm.

These factors can prevent her from getting an orgasm.

When it comes to sex, I’m pretty sure that giving your lover a mind-blowing orgasm is the top item in your checklist.

Apart from knocking her socks off with loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, it won’t be that tricky to convince her to have a go in bed again when you’re feeling the urge to rock and roll in bed.

But the thing is there are things that some guys tend to overlook that can easily disrupt your partner’s chances of reaching the Big O during lovemaking.

And it’s even possible that you’re ignoring a few of these when you’re already at it between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to really give her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon, here are the things that you should take note of…

Did you get her completely sexually aroused?

Getting her really fired up for lovemaking is crucial when it comes to making your lover achieve orgasm.

See, her body needs the ideal levels of positive hormones to get it on track to reaching the Big O during sex.

If your partner isn’t totally sexually aroused, it’s either she will have a hard time achieving orgasm even when you’re already pulling out all the stops to get the job done or she won’t have one at all.

Did you give her erogenous zones enough time to get ready?

Unlike what some guys tend to believe, getting a woman to have an orgasm isn’t about stimulating her erogenous zones like the clitoris, vagina and breasts as much as you can when you get the chance.

You need to give them enough time to prep up for stimulation since they will just feel awkward and uncomfortable when you pleasure them before they’re really up for action.

And if they’re not producing the maximum amount of pleasurable sensations, giving your lover an orgasm can be rather tricky.

Make it a point to be really patient when you’re working your magic on her erogenous zones and you’ll be just surprised with the results.

Did you ask her to guide you?

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you think that you should be the leader when you and your partner are heating things up between the sheets.

However, it’s really smart to ask your lover to guide you from time to time. Besides helping you really hit the sweet spots, you’ll also give her the notion that you’re all for her sexual pleasure.