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Make her want more sex when you avoid these 5 mistakes.

Make her want more sex when you avoid these 5 mistakes.

If you can’t remember the last time your girlfriend actually initiating some steamy action in the bedroom, then this is the place to be.

Apart from showing you the possible mistakes you are making that only turn her off instead of getting her hot for a round of bedroom calisthenics, I will also throw in a secret that’s guaranteed to make your girlfriend want more sex as much as you do.

Make sure you check out the rest of this article right away to avoid the key mistakes many guys make in the bedroom and start revolutionizing your sexual playbook (and give your girlfriend the pleasure and excitement she truly deserves in the bedroom) in no time at all.

Not paying close attention to hygiene. Among the various stimuli commonly involved in the female sexual arousal process, visual and nasal cues are perhaps the most significant. This means that if you’re not taking showers regularly or can’t recall the last time you gave your teeth a decent floss, this could be why you’re not getting any action whatsoever anytime soon.

Doing the same sexual techniques again and again. Believe it or not, neglecting to update your bedroom playbook can make sex very boring in your girlfriend’s point of view. Going for the same positions over and over not only takes away the passion of sexual intercourse but also makes it quite dull and monotonous. Make it a point to learn new ways of stimulating her in bed and she’ll be always up for a lovemaking session.

Not lasting long enough. Totally giving your girlfriend the coital satisfaction she needs can be very difficult if your idea of sex is just 5 minutes of mindless thrusting and then snoozing a bit to get ready for round number two. Besides integrating new sexual elements on your next sex session, make sure you also learn how to prevent premature ejaculation and you’re good to go.

You rush things. Unlike the male arousal process, women need to build up sexual tension to fully get ready for intercourse. Before you get into action (in other words, penetration), ensure that you spend adequate time to stimulate your girlfriend’s erogenous zones like the nape, back of her ears, inner thighs and breasts to completely get her in the mood. Remember to take things gradually and the next thing you know, she’ll be begging for mercy and asking you to carry on what you’re doing at the same time.

You’re guaranteed to extend your bedroom playtime with these pointers.

If you’re looking to learn a few useful tips and pointers on how to last longer in the bedroom, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Make sure you read on to learn the best-kept secrets on how to deal with premature ejaculation to get the sexual satisfaction you’ve always wanted in no time at all.

A short primer on premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is simply the male disorder of reaching orgasm and ejaculating with neither party getting a lot of satisfaction. While some studies have shown that most men normally have orgasms about three to seven minutes after penetration, some guys last much shorter. Besides causing a lot of distress to both partners, premature ejaculation also leads to guilt, embarrassment and anxiety, which brings about even more sexual issues in the long run.

What you ought to know about lasting longer in bed

Here are 6 simple ways to last longer the next time you’re doing the deed. Forget about costly oral pills and anesthetic creams that are only good for stifling your sensations. You only have to remember the following and you’re sure to become the stud you’ve always dreamed of in a snap:

  • Stop thinking about reaching orgasm. From taking your arousal up a notch to reaching the point of no return, the brain is responsible for each and every sexual response your body experiences when you’re making love. The thing is most men tend to focus on their impending orgasm and ejaculation rather than the whole experience of intercourse, which forces the brain to trigger orgasm sooner than expected. Stop thinking about coming and you’ll last longer.
  • Take penetration breaks. While some men consider sexual intercourse as an intimate journey, most guys think it’s a race to the finish line. This is where foreplay comes in. Apart from lowering your arousal level, which is the primary cause for ejaculating all too quickly, taking time to stimulate your partner’s other erogenous zones like the breasts, neck and behind the ears, temporarily stops penile stimulation, allowing you to return to more sex with more stamina.
  • Embrace the Kegel. Have you ever tried stopping mid-flow when urinating and then carrying on? Although this may sound a bit weird, you’re already doing an exercise called the Kegel that makes the muscles responsible for ejaculatory control tighten. Try doing at least 10 repetitions of this daily and you’ll surely notice a few changes when it comes to your lasting ability the next time you’re having sex.
  • Change positions. Whether you’re a missionary man or an enthusiastic fan of doggy style, make it a point that your sex session is promenade of sexual positions rather than a routine humping session. Besides spicing up you and your partner’s sex life, the slight breaks in penetration also reduce the possibility of premature ejaculation.
  • Practice makes perfect. It isn’t true that masturbation takes the fun out of having sex. Interestingly, it helps you know your sexual limits significantly when reaching orgasm and ejaculation are concerned. The next time you take Mary Palmer out for a date, try to pleasure yourself for a longer time than you usually do. This will really bring about wonders for your future sexual encounters by increasing your endurance.
  • Courtesy counts. The phrase “ladies first” should not be only limited to the opening of doors and public transportation. It must be also observed always whenever you’re making love. While it will make her feel better physically and sexually, you’ll also experience a unique ego boost knowing that you’ve just made your woman reach cloud nine.

Find out the best possible reasons why you’re not getting any from your girlfriend these days.

Let me ask you a rather direct question… When was the last time you and your girlfriend enjoyed a sensual romp between the sheets? A few minutes ago? A couple of days back? Last month? Or longer? If you think you’re missing out on great sex with your partner, there’s no need to worry just yet. You’ve absolutely come to the right place.

Apart from walking you through the best possible reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t want sex anymore, I’ll also throw in a few surefire tips and pointers that will help turn the tides in your favor – and even make your partner look forward to your next roll in the hay.

Reason #1: Bad hygiene.

Women are very keen on proper hygiene and scoring a round in the sack can greatly depend on how clean you are. Before even thinking about getting intimate with your girlfriend, make sure you’ve already shaved off that wispy stubble, took a shower, applied deodorant, brushed your teeth, cleaned your ears and put on a nice cologne just to get her warmed up. Nothing beats looking and smelling the part when you’re in the mood for love.

Reason #2: Being too aggressive.

Although having the right amount of confidence in the bedroom is a complete turn on for most women, having too much can lead to disaster. They don’t want being pushed around or led to think that they won’t enjoy the experience. Instead of demanding sexual favors and barking orders, prioritize pleasuring your girlfriend first and she’ll come back for more.

Reason #3: Wearing hideous underwear.

Now it’s no secret that men love to see their girlfriend’s wearing sexy lingerie but women can be very similar too. How do you think she feels when she catches a glimpse of you donning an ancient pair of boxer shorts that’s just two washes away from being a full-fledged rag? Make it a point to put on nice underwear when you’re getting laid so you won’t cut your chances of having plenty more sexy times in the near future.

Reason #4: Acting wimpy.

Being a wimp when you’re getting between the sheets with your girlfriend is a total deal breaker. Hearing you ask “does it feel good?” or “do you like that?” over and over again can obliterate her chances of reaching orgasm sooner or later. Instead of asking her verbally if you’re doing alright, pay attention to your girlfriend’s body language. It’s the best indicator if she’s having a great time or not.

Reason #5: Forcing her to do anal sex.

While female pornstars never seem to have any problem with anal sex, your girlfriend might not be that enthusiastic to try it anytime soon. Sneaking your penis in her anus can be interpreted by some women as disrespectful and can easily result to the end of your lovemaking session. Always ask her first if she is open to the idea of doing things “differently.” If your girlfriend says yes, congratulations! If she says no, there’s always a next time.

Reason #6: Coming too quickly.

Sex is ideally an experience where both you and your girlfriend successfully achieve orgasm. While it can be quite tough to reach the big O together, you should see to it that your partner reaches the point of no return first. Premature ejaculation is the biggest sexual turn off of all and you’ll soon be having a dry spell when it comes to getting laid if you don’t learn how to last long in bed.

Getting your wife under the sheets as often as you’d like to is not as complicated as you’ve previously thought.

If you have heard your wife say she’s got a headache or not in the mood more times than you’d care to mention when you try to get intimate with her in the bedroom, this article is definitely for you.

I’ll let you in on a few secrets that won’t just get your partner psyched for sex but also make her want to get it happening under the sheets as much as you do. Here are the things you need to take note of when you’d like to make her hot and actually get some without a fuss:

  • Look and smell the part. Women are very much sensitive to certain stimuli, particularly visual and nasal cues, when sexual arousal is concerned. Unless you’re Johnny Depp, make sure you shave off that rather unkempt beard, keep your oral hygiene in check and take showers more often to increase your chances of getting your wife in the mood for love.
  • Treat her like a lady. Avoid groping her like some sexual object the next time your libido gets off the charts. Seducing your wife takes more than just a cheap swipe at her butt, breasts or genitals. Instead of getting her hot for a round in the sack, you’ll only end up making her upset in the process. Start by making her feel she’s the sexiest and the most attractive woman in the world and you’re guaranteed to be in for great things to come (pun intended).
  • Build sexual tension. Don’t believe what you see in porn flicks. Your wife won’t want to have sex with you just because you kissed her sloppily on the lips for 10 seconds or so. Always give her the (true) impression that you are all for her sexual satisfaction. Take time to seduce your wife. Kiss her gently. Hug her tight. Tease her erogenous zones. Next thing you know, you’re in the bedroom doing the deed.
  • Mix things up. Doing the same things over and over again can be very boring, especially when it comes to sex. Make it a point to regularly integrate fresh sexual elements in your playbook like new positions to try as well as unique ways to stimulate your partner to keep your wife looking forward to your next lovemaking session.
  • Learn how to last longer in bed. Giving your wife the kind of sex she wants is perhaps the best way to make her crave for more time getting under the sheets. Interestingly, you cannot do that if you can’t last long enough in bed to provide your wife with the sexual pleasure and satisfaction she needs. Make sure you learn how to stop premature ejaculation as soon as possible and you’re definitely on the right track.