reasons why you come too soon

These can easily make you come too during sex...

These can easily make you come too soon during sex…

Chances are you’d like to last as long as you can when you and your lover are at it in the bedroom.

However, you just find yourself going off too soon during sex these days.

Now while this may be rather frustrating for you and your partner, it’s still not reason enough to get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial solutions that claim to help extend your playing time between the sheets.

I’d like to point out a few things that you may be unconsciously doing during sex that can lead to premature ejaculation though so you can fix this problem naturally…

You let yourself get too excited.

Sure it’s completely normal to feel excited when things are already getting steamy in bed, but allowing yourself to become too excited during the same is another thing.

This is because you are basically stimulating your brain to produce and release a lot of extra mood-altering hormones that get you more sexually aroused. The body translates an overload of these hormones as its cue to set off the ejaculatory response and make you come.

Make it a point to not let yourself get carried away when you two get busy between the sheets and you’ll be just fine.

You don’t focus on her satisfaction.

I know this sounds crazy, but not keeping a close eye on your lover’s sexual satisfaction when you and your lover are getting at it in bed is going to make you come quicker than you should.

This is because experiencing too much penile sensation during sex creates an overload of feel-good hormones in the system. And as I’ve pointed out earlier, you’ll be at risk of prematurely ejaculating when their numbers go off the charts.

Keep in mind to have a few breaks in the action like giving your lover oral sex and stimulating her erogenous zones without sexually penetrating her.

This keeps you from getting too much sensation on your penis and last longer.

You worry too much that you’re going to come quickly.

Sure this sounds a bit odd, but you are actually putting yourself at risk of premature ejaculation if you simply think that you are going to pop too soon during lovemaking.

This is because the brain wrongly translates this as something that you want and sooner or later you’ll just feel your ejaculatory response kicking in.

Think that you’re going to last for a very long time during the action instead to give your brain a message that you’re not going to come anytime soon yet.