premature ejaculation

So how much of this premature ejaculation “stuff” do you think is all in your head?

Let me tell you what I think…

Firstly, I’m never going to agree with someone who says that learning how to last longer in bed is 100% in your head.

Sometimes a new technique or thing you do physically during sex can really help you last longer in bed.

But that does NOT mean that things like your beliefs and attitude when it comes to sex don’t have an effect on how long you last.

I’ve just finished reading a very interesting blog post called 10 Ways Not to Suck in Bed and although it includes a whole bunch of actions of what to do to become better in bed, the underlying theme was to “just play it cool”…

Essentially it was saying don’t mess things up by getting too serious too fast or doing weird things you think will impress her…

Just play it cool.

Which when it comes down to it is really an ATTITUDE NOT ACTION.

And just as that article gave some attitudes needed to not suck in bed, if you want to last longer in bed you’ll need some attitudes to help you as well.

Because the truth is I can give you a whole list of “techniques” to use to last longer in bed (and of course I do give those away in many of my articles), but if your head isn’t in the right place then even if I give you the best technique in the world it probably still wouldn’t help you.

So to come full-circle you really need a combination of techniques and solid mental attitude to both last long in bed and be a great a lover.

Let me finish with a tip to help out with each…

1. To improve your mental attitude towards sex spend every day for the next month reading some positive information (like on this blog) about what to do to improve in bed.  This alone will slowly transform your subconscious mind and get it to focus on what really matter when it comes to sex and as a result make you a much better lover.

2. Practice getting really good at using one particular technique per week.  Doing something once is not enough to make a permanent change, you’ve got to do it a few times until it becomes internal. And you shouldn’t move on to trying a different techniques until the first one you’ve tried becomes internal.  So focus on one new technique at a time and get it in your brain.

If you’re wondering what some techniques are that you can use to last longer in bed then check out this article that includes 3 premature ejaculation cures.

But while you’re here…


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I was reading a very interesting blog post today on female orgasm secrets that covered what to do if you do orgasm too early (as well as a bunch of cool stuff on how to give a woman an intense orgasm).

As men we’ve all been in that situation where despite our best efforts there’s nothing we can do to prevent premature ejaculation and we’ve just got to accept that it can’t be prevented in that particular situation.

Now most men when something like this happens just give up, go to sleep or beat themselves up about it.

But the truth is this stuff doesn’t and won’t make things better.

So what can you do in this type of situation instead?

Well like was suggested in the blog post I mentioned earlier, a man should instead refocus all his energy and attention back on the woman.

It’s so easy to as soon as you orgasm to lose all your focus and excitement, drift off to sleep and want to take your attention elsewhere…

But this is the time when your woman needs you most.

Your woman needs that connection and love from you…

Especially if you’ve just orgasmed earlier than expected.

And by reinvesting that focus and attention in her not only will you get a positive reaction from her even if you orgasmed early (don’t forget how important connection and love is to a woman) but you’ll find that you’ll regain your erection much quicker than if you just drift off to sleep, start watching TV or forget about her altogether.

All round it’s a very powerful method for recovering from premature ejaculation and being able to give her a powerful orgasm…

And to be honest it’s kinda similar to the “how to last longer in bed naturally” methods I’ve talked about before, because the fact is that a lot of premature ejaculation problems are all in your head.

But what do YOU think about all this stuff?

Do you really think it’s all in your head?

Drop me a comment below with your answer…

You’ve probably heard of “Tantra” or “Tantric sex” before, but did you know you could use it to last longer in bed?  Let me show you how…

Getting into Tantric Sex opens up a whole other world of possibilities when it comes to sex… Way more in fact than I’ve got time to go into here, but I think knowing some basic ideas about it can help you last longer in bed…

One of the key distinctions Tantric Sex makes is that the focus of sex should not be on the end objective of orgasm, but instead the focus should be on the pleasure of the moment.

Of we both know that most people (especially men, but women too) get caught up in trying to do everything to achieve that orgasm or create it in her, while Tantric sex says this is missing the whole point of sex…

Because the point of sex is to enjoy the whole process.

And this means focussing your attention on the moment and enjoying the experience of the person you’re intimate with.

Now the way this helps you last longer in bed is as follows…

By putting your focus on enjoying the moment you relax a lot more and enjoy yourself.

Instead of worrying constantly “is she enjoying this?” “will I last long enough this time?” “is my penis big enough?” your focus is on her getting pleasure.

When your focus changes you relax a lot more…

And like I talk about in my article on how to prevent premature ejaculation, taking the pressure off yourself and not worrying about premature ejaculation can help you last significantly longer.

This really was a quick introduction to Tantric sex, but it’s well worth learning about if you want to improve the quality of your sex life.

And if you want to learn some other strategies to last longer in bed then check out this article on premature ejaculation cures.

How long do you reckon a Buddhist monk could last in bed?

Putting aside the fact that most Buddhist monks don’t actually have sex for religious reasons… let’s just for the sake of argument say they did.

How long do you think they would go before the “dreaded” premature ejaculation?

My guess is that they would last pretty darn long.

And I guess this for the simple fact that they would probably be incredibly relaxed throughout the whole thing.

Since they spend so much time meditating I imagine they’d probably have very VERY few things to worry about.

Even if they did have things to worry about they probably wouldn’t worry about them just because all that meditation they do would just melt away those worries.

So when it comes to sex they’d probably be totally calm and in control.

And why would this help them last?

Well one of the main causes of premature ejaculation is excess stress, worry and nervousness.

You may have heard me talking about this before, but unnecessary worry and nervousness have consistently been link to premature ejaculation.

Some argue that worry and stress cause the release of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine into the bloodstream which in turn encourage premature ejaculation.

And unfortunately since many men worry about premature ejaculation so much they only end up making it happen time and time again just because of the fact they worry about it.

It can twist your brain a bit if you think too much about it, but my point is that since Buddhist monks are so chilled out they’d probably last pretty long in bed if they wanted to…

Because the worries wouldn’t be there.

So why don’t you do the same as them and get rid of those worries.

Take 5 minutes a day from now on to just sit still, distraction free and meditate.

You don’t have to do any fancy visualization or anything, just sit there and watch your thoughts go by.

Do this for a minimum of a week and soon you’ll finding yourself feeling relaxed in the bedroom and lasting much longer.