premature ejaculation myths

Stop believing in these premature ejaculation myths!

Stop believing in these premature ejaculation myths!

How long you last between the sheets plays a very important role when it comes to giving your lover a sex session that will definitely knock her socks off.

But what’s really interesting is a lot of guys make a very simple mistake that inadvertently boosts their vulnerability of experiencing premature ejaculation when things are getting hot in the bedroom.

And this mistake is believing in a few premature ejaculation myths that only make the whole thing worse. Make sure you follow along to find out what these are and improve your chances at really lasting longer in bed…

Premature Ejaculation Myth #1: It becomes more intense as you get older.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard that your ability to last for as long as you can during lovemaking becomes more and more unreliable when you reach a certain age.

However, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that age doesn’t have anything to do with premature ejaculation at all.

The same key factors like the speed and intensity of your thrusts apply no matter how old you are when it comes to activating your body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

If you make it a point to go as slow and easy as you can and concentrating more on your partner’s pleasure, chances are you’ll be able to hold back premature ejaculation without a fuss.

Premature Ejaculation Myth #2: It is abnormal.

Some men think that premature ejaculation is something that is unnatural, but it actually isn’t. A lot of guys around the world are experiencing the same sexual issue. Sure going off too soon while you’re at it in the bedroom can be rather worrying, but it’s doesn’t mean that you’re the only one suffering from it.

Premature Ejaculation Myth #3: It is permanent.

This is perhaps the biggest premature ejaculation myth of all.

Now while coming really early before you’ve even got started between the sheets can make you feel really anxious, this sexual issue can be fixed if you know what to do.

And the biggest mistake that you can ever make is reaching for artificial products that claim to get rid of premature ejaculation like pills, creams and gels that can make the problem even worse in the long run.

Besides making sure that you only have happy thoughts when things are heating up in bed, keeping in mind to take things smooth and easy is also a smart move to keep premature ejaculation at bay.