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Women Love A Man Who Can Show He's Passionate In The Right Way

Women go crazy for a man that knows how to express himself in bed in the right way.  So here’s some tips on how to show passion in a way that dramatically boosts attractiveness.

Showing passion is really just a combination of practice and following some simple do’s and don’ts.

And if you do do it right you can unlock some POWERFUL attraction in a woman (just check out this article by a woman going on and on about passionate men to see what I mean).

First up, don’t expect to pull off the perfect demonstration of passion first time.

If you’re someone who always likes to hide what he’s feeling and gets uncomfortable at the idea of fully expressing yourself, especially in bed, then small steps is the key.

Going all out on your first attempt, when in the past you’ve always been the quite type in bed, could leave the woman you’re with thinking you’ve just taken some crazy pills.

So build up to it and follow these simple steps…

The do’s of passionate love making

  • Talk to your woman during sex
  • Tell her how much she turns you
  • Make sounds of satisfaction during sex
  • Encourage her to show signs of passion
  • Make her feel comfortable by talking positively about anything you want her to express

The don’ts of passionate love making

  • Don’t do anything that makes you incredibly uncomfortable (small steps remember)
  • Don’t do anything you “think” you should be doing but isn’t natural to you (just be a more passionate version of yourself)
  • Don’t assume that being passionate means being like the men you see in porn

The truth is that’s there’s no real secret to being passionate in the bedroom, it’s really just a case of recognizing within yourself that it’s OK to show passion and emotion in bed and that you don’t have to buy in to this old fashioned belief that as the man you have to be quiet and controlled.

So now that you know how to be more passionate in bed check out this article called Last Longer In Bed Naturally – it’s an incredibly effective way of using what you’ve learned here to last longer.

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