oral sex tips

These tips will help you get more BJ's from her.

These tips will help you get more BJ’s from her.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like to have as much oral action from your lover as possible.

However, you’re simply noticing that she’s not going down on you like she used to these days.

And it’s already getting you worried that you may be losing your touch in terms of making her explore south of your border.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. I’ve come across a few simple pointers that may just help increase your chances to convince your partner to give you more BJ’s.

Let me explain what I mean…

Ask her nicely.

I know this sounds really simplistic right now, but a lot of men seem to overlook the fact that they’re getting somewhat bossy when they’re hankering for some oral action.

Make it a point to always ask her as nice as you can when you’re looking to make her play your skin flute when you’re already at in between the sheets.

Besides making her feel that you really respect her, asking her nicely also staves off a surge in stress hormones in her body that will kill her sexual mood.

Knock her socks off when you go down on her.

If you’re gunning to make her go down on you as much as possible, giving her a mind-blowing oral sex session yourself each time you’re getting busy south of her border is definitely a priority.

(While we’re on the subject, here’s a useful oral sex pointer you need to keep in mind when you’re already working your magic down there.)

When she gets the notion that you’re always pulling out all the stops to give her an awesome time when you give her cunnilingus, she will more than happy to return the favor before you know it.

Get her imagination in gear.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, convincing a woman to give you head mostly involved luck.

It’s either she’s going to blow you if you’re lucky or not.

But the thing is the possibility that she’s going to “open wide for Chunky” becomes much higher if you make her imagination run wild.

See, the more fired up for sex a woman is, the more adventurous she will become in the bedroom.

Don’t see cunnilingus as a burden.

Some men tend to be very obvious when it comes to showing that they think of giving their partners oral sex as tedious work.

You’ll only make her feel annoyed and taken for granted when you do this. Always remember that giving awesome oral sex is a two-way street.

Keep these in mind when you go down on her.

Keep these in mind when you go down on her.

When it comes to getting your lover on track to an unforgettable sex session, pleasuring the south of her border with your mouth, tongue and lips is no doubt one of the techniques that are in your checklist.

Besides being very pleasurable when done the right way, giving your partner oral sex also provides you access to the most sensitive of her erogenous zones that will lead to a mind-blowing orgasm if you keep at it.

But the thing is unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, oral sex isn’t just about making a beeline to a woman’s vagina and clitoris and stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow.

Make sure you read on to learn some key pointers you need to take note of the next time you go down on your lover to really knock her socks off as soon as you start up the action.

She needs to be really sexually aroused.

Now while the erogenous zones that you can stimulate during oral sex are no doubt some of the most sensitive in her body, pleasuring them before they’re really ready will just lead to not so favorable results.

Make it a point that you really fire up her sexual arousal first before making your move down under to get her on her way to experiencing the sensations that you’re looking to achieve in the process.

Don’t go for the jackpot yet.

Pleasuring the clitoris before it’s really ready to churn out pleasurable sensations is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make when it comes to oral sex.

Sure the clitoris may be the most sensitive of all her erogenous zones, but she will just feel awkward and uncomfortable when you do it prematurely.

Put your fingers to work.

Oral sex is not just about working your magic on your lover with your mouth, tongue and lips. You can also put your fingers to work to stimulate her other erogenous zones in the process.

You’re not just going to intensify the pleasurable sensations that she’s going to feel, but also boosting her chances of achieving an orgasm or two while you’re at it.

Don’t just focus down there.

Keep in mind that oral sex isn’t exclusive to the erogenous zones south of her border. You also need to pleasure the one above her legs like the breasts, nape as well as the treasure trail or lower abdomen.

Keep these factors in mind when you're looking to go down on her.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re looking to go down on her.

Awesome oral sex and mind-blowing orgasms are pretty much connected with each other.

You’re sure to give your lover the latter when you explore south of her border like you should when things are already heating up in bed.

Now while you may already have a checklist of the spots to stimulate as well as the techniques that you should bring into play when you go down on your partner, I’ve learned some useful pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you take her oral sex satisfaction through the roof.

Let me explain what I mean…

Oral sex booster #1: Prioritize her comfort.

Before you start getting busy with your mouth, lips and tongue on your lover’s nether regions, make it a point to ensure that she’s really comfortable.

See, her level of comfort is crucial when it comes to her body’s ability to produce and release positive hormones. These hormones basically set off her sexual arousal and activate her orgasmic responses.

The more positive hormones are in her body, the higher your chances are when it comes to knocking her socks off during oral sex.

(And you can kick things off by cleaning and organizing your bedroom.)

Oral sex booster #2: Vary your positions.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, giving a woman oral sex isn’t just about making her spread her legs so you can start stimulating her erogenous zones like the clitoris, vulva, “the treasure trail” and inner thighs.

You can experiment with how you can pleasure these spots by varying your positions from time to time. You can begin your oral sex session with her on her back, then with her bending over and with her kneeling.

You surely won’t make her feel bored during the whole thing because there are practically countless ways to pull this off.

Oral sex booster #3: Mix it up.

Keep in mind to always mix things up as you go along during your oral sex session.

Besides frequently changing the pressure you apply on her erogenous zones down there, make it a point to use a different technique every few minutes to keep her guessing what will happen next.

And since she’ll be on her toes when you’re doing this, you’ll just make her more sexually aroused and excited. How’s that for two for two?

Oral sex booster #4: Ask for directions.

Remember to ask her where she wants to be stimulated next and how you should do it. You’ll be surprised with the awesome input that you’ll get from her when you do this.




These oral sex tips will surely blow her mind.

These oral sex tips will surely blow her mind.

Going down on your lover is perhaps one of the best ways to knock her socks off during your sex session.

However, a lot of men mistakenly believe that pulling the whole thing off is simply about making a beeline for her genitals as soon as things get extra steamy between the sheets, stimulate like crazy and they’re good to go.

Besides making a woman feel awkward and rather uncomfortable, it will also trigger her brain to release stress hormones that will simply raise her anxiety levels, which already gives you a pretty clear idea of how your oral sex session will turn out.

So if you’re really looking to blow your partner’s mind the next time you go down on her, make sure you keep these pointers in mind…

Get her mind going first.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably think that getting at it when the action’s already hot in the bedroom is the best way to go during oral sex.

But the thing is it will just lead to disaster before you know it because her body doesn’t have the right amount of positive hormones that will really get her going for the same yet.

Make it a point to stimulate your lover’s mind first to get her in the zone and you’re on your way to giving her amazing oral sex.

Don’t immediately zero in on her erogenous zones.

A lot of men make the mistake of immediately stimulating the clitoris or the vulva during oral sex.

Sure these erogenous zones can produce a lot of pleasurable sensations when stimulated properly, but not allowing them to get really fired up for action will just make the stimulation you do feel flat.

Make it a point to start things off by teasing the sides of her erogenous zones. Besides making her anticipate the pleasurable sensations that she’ll experience, you’re also boosting her excitement levels in the process.

Slow and easy does it.

Now while the idea of getting fast and furious during oral sex may give you the notion that your partner is going to have loads and loads of pleasurable sensations while at it, it’s actually the opposite.

You’ll be just surprised when you do it slow and easy.

Ask her for directions.

Who knows best what will give her the most intense of sensations during oral sex? It’s your partner, right? Keep in mind to let her call the shots when you do it to really blow her mind hen you go down on her.