make her want more sex

Make her want more sex with these tips.

Make her want more sex with these tips.

If you’re anything like most men, I’m betting that you’d like to have sex as much as you can with your lover.

Now while it wasn’t that tricky to convince your partner to have a go at it between the sheets before, you simply notice that she isn’t that excited to heat things up in the bedroom with you these days.

This doesn’t mean that your days of getting your rocks off with your lover are already over.

You just have to bring back her sexual excitement levels up again and I’ll teach you a few simple tips on how to pull the whole thing off when you follow along…

Clean your bedroom.

Sure this may sound surprising, but keeping in mind to clean and organize your bedroom in a regular basis is one of the best ways to make a woman feel relaxed and comfortable when you get her in there.

And if you’ve been following for a while now, making your lover feel comfortable and relaxed is a priority if you’re looking to get her sexually aroused.

Unless she feels this way, her chances of getting in the mood for lovemaking is practically nil.

Send her kinky text messages.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, getting a woman’s sexual arousal going isn’t just about physical stimulation. It also involves stimulating her mentally, which promotes the production and release of positive hormones in her body.

One of the best ways of doing just that is sending her kinky text messages. You can simply describe what you’ll do to her when you get along together. Don’t hesitate to get very graphic with them, too.

You can also pull this off with emails, voice mails and even written notes hidden in places where she can find them like her purse.

Update your look.

If your lover isn’t that excited to give it a go in bed, there’s a big chance that you’re not paying close attention to your overall grooming anymore.

Make it a point to get rid of excess facial hair, take more showers, remember to use deodorant and pretty much anything that will make you look more appealing for her.

Have new sexual tricks up your sleeve

Perhaps your partner has lost a bit of interest in lovemaking because you’re always doing the same stuff over and over. Keep in mind to have new things in there when you can to really make her want more action between the sheets.