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Learn the reasons why you're not getting any from your wife these days and fix it.

Learn the reasons why you’re not getting any from your wife these days and fix it.

If your last lovemaking session with your wife is so long ago you have difficulty recalling the steamy details, then you better give this article a methodical browse right now. Apart from showing you the probable reasons why she’s not that enthusiastic to get between the sheets with you these days, I will also squeeze in a couple of secrets that will revolutionize your sex life without a fuss.

Believe it or not, reigniting the fires of sexual passion with your wife is not as complicated as you think. Make sure you check out the rest of this article to learn the secrets of how to make her the one to lead you off to the bedroom for some action in the near future.

Perhaps you’re being too pushy. Don’t expect your wife to immediately get down and dirty the next time you’re feeling a bit hot to trot. The female sexual arousal process is much more complicated than ours. If your wife is like most women, she won’t get in the mood with just a sloppy peck on the lips and some groping. You have to build up her sexual tension by properly stimulating her erogenous zones to get her fully ready for intercourse.

Perhaps you’re being too sexually aggressive. Sure confidence may be one of the biggest turn ons among women but overdoing it, especially in the bedroom, can easily kill the lovemaking mood in an instant. Barking orders like a marine sergeant will only lead her to think that having sex with you is more of a command rather than something she will get pleasure from. Make it a point to be firm (pun intended) but avoid acting like a klutz if you want to get in her pants.

Perhaps you’re not paying close attention to your hygiene. Smelling and looking nice is an essential if you’re aiming to score with your wife on a regular basis. Always remember to take regular showers, shave off that rather unkempt beard and give your teeth a decent brush as well as keep in mind to splash on some deodorant. By the way, make sure you also ditch that torn-jeans-and-university-shirt combo that only makes you look like a hobo to boost your chances of getting some tonight.

Perhaps you’re forcing her to do some things. There is a fine line between being adventurous in the bedroom and being a complete blockhead. Sneaking your penis into her anus just because you want to try anal sex isn’t just uncomfortable on her part but downright rude. Ask her nicely first if you have the urge to try new positions. If she says yes, congratulations! If she says no, there is always a next time.

Perhaps you’re coming too soon. Premature ejaculation is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to sex with your wife. Lasting longer in bed not only allows you to satisfy your wife sexually the right way but also makes her look forward to your next lovemaking session. Learn how to extend your bedroom playing time by embracing the Kegel as early as now.

Here are the 4 no-nonsense secrets to make your married sex life even more exciting.

Here are the 4 no-nonsense secrets to make your married sex life even more exciting.

Sex for married couples can sometimes be a bit monotonous. Husbands and wives tend to become very familiar with each other over the years that pushing each other’s sensual buttons in the bedroom has become all but a boring routine. So let me ask you a question; you on a sexual slump with your wife?

Maintaining an exciting sexual relationship with your spouse can be quite a challenge after a decade or more of being married. Apart from becoming swamped with commitments like kids, careers and other important tasks, there are also times when you feel you don’t connect with your partner sexually anymore.

There’s no need to worry just yet though if you’re going through the same situation. Here are a few surefire tips that will have you doing the horizontal mambo with your wife like you did during your honeymoon phase in no time at all:

  • Stop thinking of her as your wife. Remember the days when you two seem to can’t get your hands off each other? Well, great sex doesn’t have to end when you’re married. You just have to let your imagination run wild and stop thinking of her as your wife. Imagine her as your dirty French maid who’s got a nasty case of nymphomania or a naughty woman looking for an adventure of the sexual kind. The possibilities are just endless if you put your mind to it.
  • Make your room conducive for sex. As you may have known by now, the female sexual arousal process is very complicated. If you can’t get her in the mood, you can’t get into action anytime soon. Up the ante on the privacy of your bedroom (meaning, make it off-limits to kids) and you’ll be surprised how fast your wife transforms into a sex vixen the least you expect it.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore new things. Doing the same stuff over and over again is the number one deal breaker when it comes to sex with your wife. Instead of just settling with the predictable missionary-with-a-side-of-cunnilingus ensemble, get your fantasies out in the open and integrate fresh elements into the bedroom. You never know what naughty things she has in store for you, too. (Why not sharpen your G-spot stimulation skills while at it so you can wow her like she’s always wanted?)
  • Bring back the old sexy times. You can never have too much of a good thing – and too much sex with your wife can easily sap the excitement and passion away. Marriage therapists recommend making your wife miss having sex so she’ll be the one initiating contact and voila…you’re back in business, buddy.
Make her want more sex when you avoid these 5 mistakes.

Make her want more sex when you avoid these 5 mistakes.

If you can’t remember the last time your girlfriend actually initiating some steamy action in the bedroom, then this is the place to be.

Apart from showing you the possible mistakes you are making that only turn her off instead of getting her hot for a round of bedroom calisthenics, I will also throw in a secret that’s guaranteed to make your girlfriend want more sex as much as you do.

Make sure you check out the rest of this article right away to avoid the key mistakes many guys make in the bedroom and start revolutionizing your sexual playbook (and give your girlfriend the pleasure and excitement she truly deserves in the bedroom) in no time at all.

Not paying close attention to hygiene. Among the various stimuli commonly involved in the female sexual arousal process, visual and nasal cues are perhaps the most significant. This means that if you’re not taking showers regularly or can’t recall the last time you gave your teeth a decent floss, this could be why you’re not getting any action whatsoever anytime soon.

Doing the same sexual techniques again and again. Believe it or not, neglecting to update your bedroom playbook can make sex very boring in your girlfriend’s point of view. Going for the same positions over and over not only takes away the passion of sexual intercourse but also makes it quite dull and monotonous. Make it a point to learn new ways of stimulating her in bed and she’ll be always up for a lovemaking session.

Not lasting long enough. Totally giving your girlfriend the coital satisfaction she needs can be very difficult if your idea of sex is just 5 minutes of mindless thrusting and then snoozing a bit to get ready for round number two. Besides integrating new sexual elements on your next sex session, make sure you also learn how to prevent premature ejaculation and you’re good to go.

You rush things. Unlike the male arousal process, women need to build up sexual tension to fully get ready for intercourse. Before you get into action (in other words, penetration), ensure that you spend adequate time to stimulate your girlfriend’s erogenous zones like the nape, back of her ears, inner thighs and breasts to completely get her in the mood. Remember to take things gradually and the next thing you know, she’ll be begging for mercy and asking you to carry on what you’re doing at the same time.

Find out the best possible reasons why you’re not getting any from your girlfriend these days.

Let me ask you a rather direct question… When was the last time you and your girlfriend enjoyed a sensual romp between the sheets? A few minutes ago? A couple of days back? Last month? Or longer? If you think you’re missing out on great sex with your partner, there’s no need to worry just yet. You’ve absolutely come to the right place.

Apart from walking you through the best possible reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t want sex anymore, I’ll also throw in a few surefire tips and pointers that will help turn the tides in your favor – and even make your partner look forward to your next roll in the hay.

Reason #1: Bad hygiene.

Women are very keen on proper hygiene and scoring a round in the sack can greatly depend on how clean you are. Before even thinking about getting intimate with your girlfriend, make sure you’ve already shaved off that wispy stubble, took a shower, applied deodorant, brushed your teeth, cleaned your ears and put on a nice cologne just to get her warmed up. Nothing beats looking and smelling the part when you’re in the mood for love.

Reason #2: Being too aggressive.

Although having the right amount of confidence in the bedroom is a complete turn on for most women, having too much can lead to disaster. They don’t want being pushed around or led to think that they won’t enjoy the experience. Instead of demanding sexual favors and barking orders, prioritize pleasuring your girlfriend first and she’ll come back for more.

Reason #3: Wearing hideous underwear.

Now it’s no secret that men love to see their girlfriend’s wearing sexy lingerie but women can be very similar too. How do you think she feels when she catches a glimpse of you donning an ancient pair of boxer shorts that’s just two washes away from being a full-fledged rag? Make it a point to put on nice underwear when you’re getting laid so you won’t cut your chances of having plenty more sexy times in the near future.

Reason #4: Acting wimpy.

Being a wimp when you’re getting between the sheets with your girlfriend is a total deal breaker. Hearing you ask “does it feel good?” or “do you like that?” over and over again can obliterate her chances of reaching orgasm sooner or later. Instead of asking her verbally if you’re doing alright, pay attention to your girlfriend’s body language. It’s the best indicator if she’s having a great time or not.

Reason #5: Forcing her to do anal sex.

While female pornstars never seem to have any problem with anal sex, your girlfriend might not be that enthusiastic to try it anytime soon. Sneaking your penis in her anus can be interpreted by some women as disrespectful and can easily result to the end of your lovemaking session. Always ask her first if she is open to the idea of doing things “differently.” If your girlfriend says yes, congratulations! If she says no, there’s always a next time.

Reason #6: Coming too quickly.

Sex is ideally an experience where both you and your girlfriend successfully achieve orgasm. While it can be quite tough to reach the big O together, you should see to it that your partner reaches the point of no return first. Premature ejaculation is the biggest sexual turn off of all and you’ll soon be having a dry spell when it comes to getting laid if you don’t learn how to last long in bed.