how to relieve stress

Protect your erections with these stress-relief tips.

Protect your erections with these stress-relief tips.

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m betting that you consider your ability to achieve strong and lasting erections as one of your greatest attributes.

Besides being your body’s cue that you’re all prepped up to give your lover a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon, you’re also in for a lot of pleasurable sensations while at it.

Now while you may not have even the least difficulty achieving a powerful erection on demand these days, constantly being under lots of negative stress can have an effect on your ability to get rock hard when you want to.

And apart from finding it tricky to rise up to the occasion, having an overload of stress hormones also makes you vulnerable to bouts of anxiety and other issues sooner or later.

Getting rid of negative stress isn’t that complicated, though. Why not follow along and pick up some tips that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male psychology?

Discover a new hobby.

If you’re feeling a bit under the sun lately and looking to make life more exciting, discovering a new hobby is one of the best ways to do just that.

There is no actually right or wrong way to do this. You can either finally engage in that activity that you’ve always wanted to do or perhaps ask your friends and loved ones what they’re into these days.

Remember to have relaxation time.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, putting time aside solely for relaxation doesn’t make you less of a guy.

Besides helping you recharge to take on your normal routine, making it a habit to relax also helps significantly decrease the amount of stress that you may be experiencing.

Breathe slowly.

No while this sound surprising, the body will put itself in a more relaxed and easygoing pace when the brain detects that you’re breathing slower than usual.

See, breathing slowly is one of the body’s cues that you’re calming down and taking it easy. (And it can even help prevent premature ejaculation, too.)

Plan your schedule carefully.

Messy schedules can lead to annoying mix-ups, like being late for an important meeting or forgetting to drop by the grocery to get some necessities, which can result to stressful moments.

Make it a point to always plan your schedule carefully by jotting them down on a notepad or a journal and you’ll be surprised how hassle-free things will be.

Don’t do work at home.

Sure bringing work at home can give you the notion that you’re going to have extra time accomplishing them, but it will actually just make you feel tired and restless.

Leave work at the office where it should be.

How to relieve stress and keep your erections strong.

How to relieve stress and keep your erections strong.

Now while this may sound a bit surprising right now, but you’ll be in for some weakened erections sooner or later if you don’t make it a point to properly eliminate negative stress.

See, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that allowing negative stress to accumulate in your body will make it rather tricky for building up the ideal levels of positive hormones that are needed to get you sexually aroused.

Besides temporarily increasing the sensitivity levels of your skin, particularly in and around the erogenous zones, these positive hormones are also responsible for making the heart pump more blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up.

And if your body is having trouble building up the ideal levels of positive hormones…well, you probably already have an idea how your performance in the bedroom – not mentioning your ability to achieve strong and lasting erections – will be in the long run.

So if you’re looking to properly get rid of negative stress and keep your erections powerful and intense, here are some useful tips that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality…

Have some time to relax.

A lot of guys seem to forget that they need to slow down from time to time.

They are inclined to get always caught up with deadlines, bills and lots of other things that will only make them feel stressful.

Make it a point to assign rest days that you can use to decompress and ease off.

Find a new hobby.

Negative stress is almost always caused when you don’t have something good to do or think about.

One way to get rid of negative stress from your life is to discover something new that you’re happy to do like learning to play a musical instrument, paint or go biking, which also helps bolster the power of your erections.

Practice deep breathing exercises.

At its simplest, you are slowing down your heart rate and keeping your blood pressure level in check when you take time to breathe deeply for at least five minutes or so each day.

Interestingly, deep breathing can also help stave off or ease panic attacks.

Listen to some slow tunes.

Besides making you feel good, you are also lowering the levels of cortisol, a major type of stress hormone, that are in your body when you listen to some slow tunes like instrumentals, downbeat jazz and similar genres.

This is the biggest reason why this is the type of music you usually hear in spas and wellness clinics.