how to make her orgasm

Rock her world during sex with these tips!

Rock her world during sex with these tips!

When it comes to sex, I’m betting that one of your biggest priorities is blowing your lover’s mind with an orgasm or two during the action.

Apart from making your partner experience loads of toe-curling pleasurable sensations, she will also be more excited to have a go at it between the sheets with you if she’s sure to have a Big O each and every time.

However, a lot of guys seem to mistakenly believe that making a beeline to the clitoris and stimulating it like there’s no tomorrow is the key to giving a woman an orgasm.

Sure doing this will produce some pleasurable sensations, but they will be mostly awkward and will become rather uncomfortable sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to boost your chances of giving your lover an orgasm, here are some simple ways that you should keep in mind…

Prep up her mind first.

Unlike what most men think, foreplay doesn’t begin when you stimulate your lover’s erogenous zones. You can actually kick things off outside the bedroom by exciting her mind.

Besides calling her up unexpectedly for a quick, kinky chat or sending her text messages detailing graphic descriptions of what you’ll do to her as soon as you two get alone, you can also leave risqué notes in places she’s sure to find them.

Tease her erogenous zones.

Now while pleasuring your partner’s erogenous zones is a must to give her an orgasm, immediately zeroing in on them as soon as you get the chance won’t cut it. Start things off by stimulating the areas around them first.

Apart from properly firing up her erogenous zones so they will produce the ideal amounts of pleasurable sensations, you’ll also intensify the surge of positive hormones in her body even more leading to higher chances of orgasm for her.

Put her pleasure first before yours.

Keep in mind that your partner’s pleasure should be on top of your sexual checklist before yours. Don’t let yourself get carried away when you’re already sexually penetrating her. Vary your thrusts. Mix things up.

Always remember that if your lover feels that she’s going to have an amazing time when you’re already at it between the sheets, she will be more excited to have sex with you.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s a key tip to make sure that you will always get rock hard on demand.)