how to make her enjoy sex more

So you'd like to make her enjoy sex more...

So you’d like to make her enjoy sex more…

Chances are you’d like to give your lover a sexual experience she won’t forget anytime soon as soon as things get hot between the sheets.

Now while you may think that you already know all the stuff that really gets her going in the bedroom and makes her reach the Big O, updating your lovemaking checklist isn’t a bad idea at all.

So if you’re looking to jazz up your sexual playbook and take your partner’s pleasure levels up a notch, here are a few simple ways to help you pull off just that…

Heat her up outside of the bedroom.

Sure this sounds a bit surprising, but the brain plays a very important role in making a woman totally sexually aroused. And stimulating it properly before the action start between the sheets is sure going to spike her mood.

Make it a point to call your lover up and describe to her the things that you’ll do to her once you two get alone. You can also do this by sending her naughty and risqué text messages or emails.

Ask her where and how she wants to be stimulated.

Nobody knows your lover’s body like she does. And that gives her a lot of advantage when it comes to identifying the erogenous zones that will provide the most pleasurable sensations for her as well as the techniques that will do the same.

Besides reinforcing the sexual hot spots that you already have an idea of, you’ll be surprised with the new stuff that you will learn in the process as well.

Make it a point to appreciate her.

Did you know that appreciating your lover while the action’s getting hot in the bedroom actually helps boosting the amount of positive hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, which are basically needed to get and keep her sexually aroused.

Simply telling her how hot her body looks when the action is going on or perhaps appreciate the way she pleasures your erogenous zones is one surefire way to pull this off.

Let her run the show.

Sure you may be the one who is always leading the action when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom, but it’s a good idea to allow your lover to run things between the sheets from time to time.

You’ll be surprised how much more she will be into the whole thing as well.

Want  make ex even more pleasurable for her? Check this out.

Want make ex even more pleasurable for her? Check this out.

I’m sure the first thing on your sexual checklist is giving your lover an amazing time she won’t easily forget when you get down and dirty between the sheets.

Sure you may be already doing a good job pleasuring your partner each and every time, but did you know that there are a few tricks you can do to take things up a notch even further?

Make sure you read on to find out more and surprise your lover the next time things get steamy in the bedroom…

Take things slower.

I know this sounds rather simplistic, but slowing things down when you and your partner are getting at it in the bedroom is a great way to give her more pleasure during sex. This is because compared to guys, women need more time to process the sensations they experience during lovemaking.

Now while your lover will still experience pleasure when you do things at normal speed, the sensations she will feel when you slow things down a bit are just going to be more intense for her. And this simply means your lovemaking session will be more pleasurable for your lover.

And to make things even more awesome, slowing it down during sex also helps prevent you from coming too quickly.

Tease her sexy bits from time to time.

Before we start things off on this tip, I’d just like to remind you that there is a big difference between stimulating an erogenous zone full on and teasing it. The latter is simply kissing, licking and caressing her nipples, clitoris or perhaps the back of her neck for a very short while.

Because you’re not focusing on one erogenous zone, her brain is forced to pump up the mood-altering hormones it releases during sexual arousal, making things even more pleasurable for her. And pulling this off isn’t as complicated as you think, too.

You just have to jump from one erogenous zone to another, spending no more than a minute or two stimulating them and you’re good to go.

Keep your bedroom clean and organized.

As it turns out, women need to be totally relaxed to really feel the pleasurable sensations they experience during sex as much as they can. And one thing that can easily make them feel rather anxious is a messy bedroom.

If your bedroom is dusty and cluttered, your lover will have an overload of stress hormones instead of the positive ones that help her get ready for sex and make the whole experience as pleasurable as possible for her.

So better keep your bedroom spic and span and she’ll enjoy your sex sessions more.