how to maintain strong erections

Here are key erection sappers that should you avoid!

Here are key erection sappers that should you avoid!

If you’re anything like most men, you probably consider the power of your erections as one of the most important factors in your sex life.

Aside from making you capable of giving your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants when things get extra steamy between the sheets, you’re also get to experience a lot of pleasurable sensations yourself in the process.

Now while you may think that the strength and quality of your erections are quite ideal these days, your ability to get rock hard on demand can easily weaken sooner or later if you don’t keep a few key things in mind that can make you prone to the softie syndrome.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these are to keep on getting strong and powerful erections each time you and your partner are already at it in the bedroom…

Erection Sapper #1: Lack of regular exercise.

Now while I am not suggesting that you should immediately become a hardcore gym buff to maintain the power of your erections, making it a point to exercise in a regular basis should be a priority.

This is to maintain the ideal blood flow in your body, which plays a key role in firming up the erectile tissues in the penis during sexual arousal. More blood flow to them means strong and powerful erections each and every time.

And no regular exercise can significantly affect your overall circulation in the long run.

You can choose what workout to do to sweat it out, too. Apart from having a bout of slow jogging or brisk walking, you can also give your bike a ride as well. Simply vigorously doing them for 15 to 20 minutes daily will already do the trick.

Erection Sapper #2: Unhealthy diet.

The body needs essential vitamins and nutrients to keep on functioning properly. And unless you load up on the right stuff regularly, things are going to fizzle out between the sheets the least you expect.

Although I’m not saying that you should completely swear off your favorite snacks and drinks, just keep in mind to only have them from time to time and indulge more in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy edibles.

Erection Sapper #3: Drinking too much alcohol.

To put it simply, having excessive levels of alcohol in the body tends to make the blood vessels tighten up, preventing ideal circulation that will make you have a tough time getting an erection.

And if you think that’s horrible, drinking like a fish also disrupts a part of the brain that is responsible for sexual arousal and enjoyment. How’s that for two for two?