how to keep erections strong

Your erections could be at risk! Read this.

Your erections could be at risk! Read this.

I’m pretty sure that you consider your ability to achieve a strong and lasting erection on demand as one of your most important attributes as a guy.

Although you don’t have a problem rising up to the occasion when you’re feeling frisky with your lover in bed these days, I’ve learned during my extensive my extensive research into the male sexuality that it’s possible that a man can lose his ability to get rock hard in the long run if he doesn’t keep an eye on some key factors.

And there’s even a chance that you’re overlooking some of these factors, which makes you prone to erectile dysfunction sooner or later if you don’t set them straight.

If you’re aiming to keep on getting quality erections each and every time, make sure you follow along to find out what these factors are…

Your regular diet.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but what you load up on in a regular basis can easily make or break your ability to keep on getting hard when you want to.

See, your body needs essential vitamins and minerals to keep on functioning like it should. Not having enough of these nutrients can lead to physiological issues in due time.

Make it a point to chow down on fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can and limit your consumption of junk foods to a minimum.

Your water intake.

Interestingly, water keeps the blood channels like the blood vessels, arteries and veins supple and elastic so that circulation can pass through them without a problem.

Keeping in mind to down at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily helps keep your hydration levels up to par, which simply means you won’t have fizzling erections anytime soon.

Going for fresh fruit and vegetable juices is a nice option as well.

Your habits.

Did you know that lighting up when you feel the urge can prevent you from getting rock hard like you should? This is because there are chemicals present in cigarettes that have been seen to constrict the blood vessels.

As for drinking, excessive alcohol consumption also affects the part of the brain that is in charge of sexual arousal as well as activating the orgasmic and ejaculatory responses of the body.

Your exercise schedule.

Exercising regularly basically helps keep the heart in tiptop shape.

And if you’ve got a healthy heart, pumping blood to the erectile tissues in the penis won’t be a tricky thing for you.

Reasons why your erections are fizzling out.

Here are 3 reasons why your erections are fizzling out.

Achieving a strong and lasting erection when things get extra steamy in bed is no doubt the most important thing in your sexual to-do list.

You’re not just in for an overload of pleasurable sensations when you sexually penetrate her vagina or anus, but also have the ability to blow her mind with an orgasm or two while at it.

But here’s the problem: you’re just noticing that it takes a bit longer for you to rise up to the occasion these days.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying, though, this doesn’t mean that you’ve already reached the time of your life when you’re prone to the softie syndrome and need artificial products like the blue pill to get rock hard on demand.

I’ll walk you through some possible reasons why it’s taking you longer to stand up to attention between the sheets nowadays when you follow along…

Your stress levels are off the charts.

Now while stress is inevitable in life, having too much of it at once will already have a negative effect on your ability to achieve quality erections.

See, your body needs an ideal amount of positive hormones to activate sexual arousal and get an erection going.

When your stress levels are through the roof, you’ll have a surplus amount of negative hormones that will only disrupt the function of their positive counterparts, leading to a delay in rising up to the occasion or worse, not getting hard at all.

Make it a point to properly control your stress levels so your ability to get powerful erections won’t be compromised. And trying to pull it off with a few alcoholic drinks or a quick smoke will not help, too.

You’re not eating right.

Your regular diet plays a key role in getting a strong and lasting erection.

You’re basically reinforcing your body’s efficiency and reaction time when you load up on the right stuff like fruits and vegetables. However, you’re also disrupting the same when you eat too much salty and oily stuff.

I’m not saying that you should completely swear off your favorite treats, but keeping in mind to eat them moderately is very important.

You’re not exercising.

Sweating it out in a regular basis not only helps keep your overall circulation up to par, but also keeps your organs like the heart in the pink.

The heart is basically the one pumping a more than usual amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis during sexual arousal to firm them up. And you already get the idea what will happen if it’s not working like it should.

As a bonus, you will also look and feel better as well as boost your sexual stamina in the process.

So you're looking to keep your erections strong and powerful...

So you’re looking to keep your erections strong and powerful…

I’m betting that the strength and quality of your erections are two of the things that you don’t want to lose sooner or later.

Besides preventing you from really giving your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants when things get hot in bed, it also means that you won’t be getting any pleasurable sensations yourself while at it.

Sure your erections may be rock hard each time you pop one these days, but they can be vulnerable to weakening sooner or later if you don’t keep a few important things in mind.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Load up on the right stuff.

Your regular diet plays a very important role when it comes to keeping your ability to really rise up to the occasion.

Unless your body gets the right amount of nourishment and nutrition, it will go through negative effects that will significantly affect the strength and quality of your erections before you know it.

This is because one of these negative effects is having your blood channels losing their natural elasticity and suppleness.

And if the erectile tissues in the penis don’t get the right amount of blood they need to really firm up, then you’ve got a problem.

Sweat it out regularly.

Having regular exercise basically keeps the heart in tiptop shape.

Besides ensuring that it will pump out ideal amounts of blood during sexual arousal to get you rock hard when you need to, it also helps keep the blood channels functioning properly so they’ll easily direct circulation to the erectile tissues in the penis almost immediately.

You will also boost your immune system and stave off health problems in the process. The more you exercise, the more resilient your immune system will be.

And as a very cool bonus, making it a habit to exercise also has a lot of benefits for your overall physical appearance.

Stop smoking.

Although you may feel relaxed and calm when you light a cigarette because of the nicotine boost you’re getting, you’re actually introducing a lot of several other dangerous chemicals in your body while doing so.

Kick the habit as soon as you can!

Drink moderately.

Now whole enjoying your favorite brew in moderate amounts is pretty much alright, drinking like a fish already disrupts some key physiological functions like getting an erection going. Simply have two drinks at most and you’re good to go.

Here are a few reasons why your erections are not that strong nowadays...

Here are a few reasons why your erections are not that strong nowadays…

So let’s get straight to the bottom line right away…

You’re noticing that your erections are not that strong and stable nowadays when you and your lover are getting things hot between the sheets.

And the thing is you’ve never experienced this problem before.

However, there’s no need to worry just yet – or get your hands on artificial stuff like creams and pills.

Here are a few reasons why your ability to get rock hard is dipping these days…

You are overweight.

Apart from becoming rather vulnerable to chronic heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a host of other health problems, packing on extra pounds will also result to erectile dysfunction the least you expect it.

This is because your overall circulation will be significantly affected when you are overweight. Blood takes a longer time to reach the pelvic region all the way down to the erectile tissues in the penis.

And when this happens, you’ll find your erection getting softer and mellower. There’s even a chance that you won’t get hard at all, too.

You smoke too much.

It’s not just nicotine that gets inside your body each time you light up a cigarette.

You are also introducing lots and lots of dangerous chemicals that can wreak havoc in your system. Besides preventing your heart and lungs from optimally functioning, these chemicals can also cause the hardening of blood vessels, veins and arteries.

And if these blood channels are not working smoothly, the amount of blood getting to the erectile tissues in the penis will be significantly reduced.

You drink like a fish.

Sure I’ve emphasized in a previous post that having a drink or two of your favorite brew can promote better circulation in the body, but overdoing the whole thing can lead to the exact opposite.

Aside from numbing out a part of your brain that is in charge of sexual arousal, having high alcohol levels in the system can also make your performance in the bedroom rather unpredictable.

It’s either you won’t be able to rise up to the occasion or perhaps you’ll go off sooner than you’d like to.

You don’t exercise regularly.

I don’t mean becoming a hardcore fitness buff is a must if you’d like your erections to be as strong as usual.

You simply have to set aside at least 30 minutes of your day sweating it out. Besides slow jogging and brisk walking, you can also ride your bike while at it.