how to keep an erection

Can't seem to keep an erection going these days? Check this out.

Can’t seem to keep an erection going these days? Check this out.

Getting rock hard is definitely one of the most important things when it comes to action between the sheets.

However, you’re simply noticing that you can’t seem to stay rock hard during lovemaking anymore these days. And it’s already affecting your sex sessions in a bad way.

Just imagine how it ruins the mood for your partner as well.

However, this isn’t the time for getting your hands on creams, pills and countless other artificial products that claim to help you maintain a strong erection during sex. Make sure you read on to find out simple and natural ways to do just that…

Start exercising more.

I know this sounds rather surprising, but sweating it out is an essential when keeping a strong erection is concerned. It basically helps maintain ideal blood flow in the body so you won’t find yourself experiencing the “softie” syndrome unexpectedly.

There’s even a chance that you’ll have a tough time rising up to the occasion in the long run if you’ve got a sedentary lifestyle.

I’m not saying that you should start being a hardcore gym buff to do this. Kicking things off with slow jogging or perhaps a bit of brisk walking for 15 to 20 minutes daily already gets you on the right track.

Plus, you’ll look better while at it as well. How’s that for two for two?

Eat the right stuff.

A healthy diet plays a key role in keeping rock hard when things get steamy in the bedroom. This is because loading up on too much bad fat and cholesterol will disrupt the normal circulation of blood.

You get these from indulging too much on oily and salty junk foods like chips, pork rinds and other stuff.

And when this happens, staying rock hard will be quite tricky for you. Aside from making oatmeal a regular part of your meal plan, filling up on lots of fruits and vegetables will also help a lot to maintain a strong erection.

I’m not saying you should stop eating the altogether, but eating them in moderation is key.

Don’t worry too much.

I know this sounds crazy, but getting too worked up mentally during sex can make you lose your erection no matter how strong it may be.

This is because you’re simply forcing your brain to jumpstart your endocrine glands to pump out stress hormones. And stress hormones just disrupt the whole sexual arousal process, which makes your erection fizzle out without warning.