how to give her better foreplay

Do you want to give her better foreplay? Make sure you check this out.

Do you want to give her better foreplay? Make sure you check this out.

Foreplay definitely plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover an unforgettable time between the sheets.

Apart from warming her up sexually so she won’t have trouble getting ready for action as you go along, keeping in mind to give her superb foreplay also makes it easier for you to make her achieve orgasm.

Again and again. How does that sound?

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, it’s not enough that you know the erogenous zones your partner wants to be stimulated as well as how she wants things to be done when you’re at it to make sure that she will have an awesome foreplay.

Here are a few useful things to keep in mind if you’d like to give your lover better foreplay to really take your sex sessions up a notch…

Don’t rush things.

Taking things slow and easy is the way to go if you’re looking to give your partner an amazing foreplay. This is because rushing your lover when you’re at it only makes her feel anxious and annoyed, which amps up her brain to let loose stress hormones in her body.

And when that happens, chances are she won’t be that excited to keep on going with the foreplay action with you.

Focus on spots you don’t normally stimulate.

One trick I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality is a woman can be immune to the sensations given off by erogenous zones if they are stimulated over and over again.

Sure you may already know the sexy spots she loves, but concentrating on them just every time you are giving her foreplay can make the whole experience flat for her. Try stimulating her erogenous zones that you don’t normally focus on.

That will surely take her excitement up to a whole new level in no time.

Ask her as you go.

A lot of guys think that they know their lovers too well foreplay-wise that they don’t communicate with them while at it.

And this is a very big no-no because they are simply passing up the chance to get premium advice from the best source of surefire foreplay techniques…their lovers themselves.

Make it a point to ask your partner how she wants you to get in action during foreplay. Ask her what erogenous zones to concentrate on as well as how she’d like them to be stimulated. Chances are she’ll have an orgasm while you’re at it, too.

How’s that for two for two?