how to give her an orgasm

These tips will help you make her come during lovemaking.

These tips will help you make her come during lovemaking.

Perhaps the most important thing that you’ve got in your sexual checklist is making a woman reach the Big O when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom.

Apart from blowing her mind with lots of pleasurable sensations, she will also be more excited to do the sexy mambo with you again anytime soon.

However, a lot of guys mistakenly think that giving a woman an orgasm can be easily pulled off by zeroing in on her clitoris and nipples and stimulate them like there’s no tomorrow while at it.

Sure these erogenous zones do have the capability to produce a lot of pleasurable sensations, but simply stimulating them like crazy isn’t going to cut it.

But what’s really interesting is I’ve learned a few useful pointers that can easily help increase your chances of really getting her to the point of no return between the sheets.

So how about we start going through these pointers already?

Cleanliness is a must.

Although you may think that prepping up doesn’t anything to do with lovemaking, but it’s actually a key factor when it comes to making a woman ideally sexually aroused and make it easier for her to come during the action.

See, you’ll just make her feel stressed and anxious if she thinks that you’re not keeping a close eye on your hygiene or perhaps the bedroom you’re having sex in isn’t quite up to her standards of tidiness and organization.

Make it a point to not just look and smell like a million bucks for her, but also keep your bedroom in apple pie order always.

Think of her satisfaction.

Most guys tend to think that lovemaking is mostly about sexually penetrating their partners. Sure sexual penetration can provide a lot of pleasurable sensations, but it is also the time when men unknowingly get too excited and end up coming a lot sooner than they’d like to.

Keep in mind to prioritize her pleasure before yours and you’ll be on your way to giving her an orgasm or two.

Use other sexual techniques.

Giving a woman a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon isn’t just about sticking your member in her vagina. You can also blow her mind by going down on her properly as well as using your fingers, tongue and lips to give her erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs and back of the neck the stimulation they really deserve when the action’s happening.

I was reading a very interesting blog post today on female orgasm secrets that covered what to do if you do orgasm too early (as well as a bunch of cool stuff on how to give a woman an intense orgasm).

As men we’ve all been in that situation where despite our best efforts there’s nothing we can do to prevent premature ejaculation and we’ve just got to accept that it can’t be prevented in that particular situation.

Now most men when something like this happens just give up, go to sleep or beat themselves up about it.

But the truth is this stuff doesn’t and won’t make things better.

So what can you do in this type of situation instead?

Well like was suggested in the blog post I mentioned earlier, a man should instead refocus all his energy and attention back on the woman.

It’s so easy to as soon as you orgasm to lose all your focus and excitement, drift off to sleep and want to take your attention elsewhere…

But this is the time when your woman needs you most.

Your woman needs that connection and love from you…

Especially if you’ve just orgasmed earlier than expected.

And by reinvesting that focus and attention in her not only will you get a positive reaction from her even if you orgasmed early (don’t forget how important connection and love is to a woman) but you’ll find that you’ll regain your erection much quicker than if you just drift off to sleep, start watching TV or forget about her altogether.

All round it’s a very powerful method for recovering from premature ejaculation and being able to give her a powerful orgasm…

And to be honest it’s kinda similar to the “how to last longer in bed naturally” methods I’ve talked about before, because the fact is that a lot of premature ejaculation problems are all in your head.

But what do YOU think about all this stuff?

Do you really think it’s all in your head?

Drop me a comment below with your answer…