how to engage a woman in a conversation

Here are a few simple pointers to engage her in a conversation...

Here are a few simple pointers to engage her in a conversation…

One of the most important factors that can make or break your chances of acing a date is how you engage the woman you’re out with in a meaningful conversation.

Sure you already look and smell like a million bucks and got a reservation at most extravagant restaurant in town, but it’s still not enough to really get her talking anytime soon.

So if you’re looking to brush up on your dating conversational skills, here are a few simple topics that will help boost your chances of encouraging your date to join you in a meaningful conversation as you go along…

Ask her something trivial at the top of your head.

A lot of men mistakenly believe that a woman will be more encouraged to get in on a conversation if they go for the most complicated topic that they can think of.

But the thing is it will just lead to disaster even before you really got started. Go for trivial stuff instead.

You can easily ask your date what the name of her first pet was or what her favorite book is. And there’s no shortage of trivial stuff that you can ask her, too.

Simplistic, yes, but you’ll be surprised how much she will want to get her inputs in while at it.

Ask her about her clothes, shoes or accessories.

Women tend to give a lot of thought in terms of how they look during a date and you can use this to your advantage to get her talking when you two go out.

You can simply ask her where she got the necklace, bracelet, ring or brooch she’s wearing and its significance. Apart from making the woman you’re out with feel that you’re really interested in her, this also gives you extra brownie points for being quite observant.

Ask her where she last traveled to.

During my extensive research into the female psychology, I discovered that going to dream destinations and holiday hot spots are two of the things that stimulate a woman’s body to produce and release feel good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Besides making your date feel more comfortable and relaxed around you, she’ll also associate being with you with nice feelings. How’s that for a very nice two for two?

Share a little secret.

Based on the results of a study conducted by the psychology department of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, women tend to build an emotional connection with men who share little secrets with them on a date.

This is because apart from getting a thrill of knowing a secret, they also get the notion that they are trustworthy and reliable leading to a spike in feel good hormones.

Make it a point to only share little secrets though since overdoing the whole thing may lead her to think that you’re already creepy and rather desperate.