how to convince her to have anal sex

These are probably the reasons why she's still not having anal sex with you.

These are probably the reasons why she’s still not having anal sex with you.

I’m betting that anal sex is one of the things that you’d like to try in the bedroom.

Besides promising exciting sensations that you’ve never felt before, giving it a go during lovemaking also boosts your manliness.

But the situation is you’re still having a tough time convincing your partner to give anal sex the green light when you’re feeling frisky in bed.

I’ve learned a few factors during my extensive research into the female psychology that may be keeping your lover from giving backdoor action a try during sex.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

The being “taboo” part.

Let’s kick things off with perhaps the biggest reason why some women aren’t that eager to try anal sex: they think it’s rather unusual and taboo.

This basically gives them a negative mindset about the whole thing, which promotes the release of stress hormones in their bodies and sets off anxiety, impatience and discomfort.

Make it a point to explain anal sex to her outside of the bedroom before even thinking about putting the moves on her.

The possibility of hurting.

A lot of women find it tricky to give anal sex a shot because they think it can hurt them. A lot.

Now while it’s true that sexually penetrating your lover in the anus can be rather uncomfortable if done incorrectly, there are actually a lot of ways that you can do to prevent this from happening.

Apart from making it a point to really fire up her sexual arousal, using a lot of lube in the process should also be a priority to keep things smooth and easy.

Her pleasure levels.

Chances are your partner keeps clear from anal sex because she thinks that it’s just going to be pleasurable for you.

Keep in mind to remind her that there are actually sensitive nerve endings lining the anus that produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated.

You can also get her curiosity going by including the anus during foreplay. Besides stroking it gently, you can also do the techniques you use when pleasuring her vagina and clitoris.

Hygiene issues.

Sure anal sex may have some elements of being dirty, but you can easily get rid of this negative mindset by explaining to her that she can easily clean her anus when she takes a shower or a bath.

You can also use a condom while doing it to prevent unwanted bits and pieces to stick to your penis during the action.

Boost your chances of making her say yes to anal sex with these tips.

Boost your chances of making her say yes to anal sex with these tips.

I’m betting that having your lover in the backdoor is no doubt one of the items in your sexual bucket list.

Besides the promise of new and exciting sensations that you’ll experience while the action’s hot, what guy would turn down the opportunity to have an anal sex session with his partner in the first place?

However, there is a big chance that your lover is still hesitant to give anal sex a go until now. Although this may be frustrating for you, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon all hope of making her say yes to your advances.

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology some techniques that may help boost your chances of convincing her to get her freak on in the backdoor if you do them properly.

And I’m going to share them with you in a bit. Let’s start the ball rolling, shall we?

Talk to her about it outside the bedroom.

A lot of guys seem to overlook the fact that anal sex is something that’s rather taboo for women. So it’s not unusual for your lover to reject you when you ask her for a bout of anal action when you’re already at it in bed.

Make it a point to discuss anal sex with her outside the bedroom, say when you’re having a post-meal chat or perhaps when having a drink with her.

Apart from not making her feel pressured in any way, your partner can also share her feelings about it, which gives you an idea why she’s hesitant to give it a go.

Include her anus during foreplay.

A woman won’t discover the hidden pleasures of her anus being stimulated if you steer clear from it when you’re working your magic on her during foreplay. Keep in mind to give it the TLC that it deserves when you’re already at it in the bedroom.

Besides gently touching her anus as if you were pleasuring her other erogenous zones, it’s also a smart move to stimulate the areas in and around it.

Be very, very patient.

I’d like to be honest with you. Convincing your lover to give anal sex a try isn’t a walk in the park. Depending on your partner’s adventurousness in bed, it can take a long time.

But the thing is you can try this technique to make her more sexually adventurous that you can use.

So she's still not saying yes to anal sex...

So she’s still not saying yes to anal sex…

I know you’ve been fantasizing for a long time now about having anal sex with your lover, but you just can’t seem to convince her to give it a go no matter how hard you try.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever experience having backdoor action with your partner though. Odds are you’re simply making a few mistakes that are keeping her from saying yes to anal sex.

Make sure you read on to find out what these possible mistakes are and boost your chances of convincing your lover to finally give the green light when it comes to anal sex…

You’re not talking to her about it properly.

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that women tend to brush off sexual stuff that are unusual to them. And this includes anal sex.

Unless you don’t make it a point to discuss anal sex properly with your lover, chances are she won’t be that eager to try it anytime soon.

One thing to remember though: don’t talk to your partner about it when you’re already getting frisky in bed because it will just ruin her mood for sex almost immediately.

You’re too bossy.

Now while being moderately assertive in the bedroom can be a good thing for women, overdoing it – especially when you’re trying to convince your partner to try anal sex – will simply lead to disaster.

Instead of working her up to become more adventurous during lovemaking, your partner will just become anxious, tense and impatient while at it.

And do you think she’ll be excited to try anal sex when this happens?

Just keep in mind to be really patient with her on the subject and you’ll soon make her say yes.

You’re not keeping your bedroom clean and organized.

If you’ve been following my posts on for a while now, you probably already know that having a clean and organized bedroom is a must if you’re looking to really get a woman sexually aroused.

This also applies to anal sex, so keep your bedroom spic and span or else things won’t be favorable for you.

You’re not preparing for it as you should.

If you’re looking to get your lover to say yes to anal sex, keep in mind to prep up like you should.

Besides keeping your bedroom as clean and organized as you can, getting your hands on a lot of water-based lubricant is a priority as well.

Here are  few pointers to keep in mind when you want to convince her to have anal sex with you.

Here are few pointers to keep in mind when you want to convince her to have anal sex with you.

Anal sex is no doubt on top of the sexual bucket lists of men around the world.

Aside from promising sensations that a lot of guys have never felt before, sexually penetrating your lover in the anus also has a forbidden charm to it that makes it really tempting to give a try at least once.

Sure you may be very eager to give anal sex a shot, but chances are your lover won’t be that crazy to try it. There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few simple tricks that you can use to boost your chances of convincing her to give it a try sooner or later:

Talk to her about it.

One of the easiest ways to convince your lover to try anal sex is by talking about it. However, I would just like to point out that this should be done out of the bedroom, in a non-sexual setting to avoid overwhelming her one way or another.

You can break it to your partner gently while watching TV or perhaps when you are having a nice lunch together. Tell her you’d like to try anal sex at least once and ask her what she thinks about it. Keep in mind not to sound desperate while at it as well to avoid turning her off.

Stimulate her anus during foreplay.

Your lover is sure to only feel awkward if you just stimulate her anus all of a sudden during your sex session. Make it a point to integrate it in your list of erogenous zones to stimulate during foreplay. This will condition her mind bit by bit that she won’t feel the least freaked out when you do it.

Keep in mind to use this time to tease your partner, too. Tickle the areas around her anus. Kiss her butt cheeks lovingly. Make her feel that you’re simply in love with her anus every time things get spicy in the bedroom, but promptly cut it when you feel that she is slowly reciprocating.

There’s even a good chance that she’ll be the one initiating anal sex if you play your cards right. (Here’s a simple trick to make her want more sex.)

Don’t pressure her.

Anal sex can be a bit taboo to women and your lover may look at it as something she needs to be comfortable with before she wants to get in on the action. Don’t get frustrated or angry at her if she won’t consent to the idea of doing it in the backdoor immediately. Never make your lover feel that you’re already forcing her to do it.

If you get rejected once or twice, don’t worry. You’ll have lots of time to try again. And the extra time waiting will also make the experience even more amazing.