how to boost your sexual stamina

So you'd like to boost your sexual stamina...

So you’d like to boost your sexual stamina…

So here’s the thing…

Your sexual stamina is definitely one of the most crucial factors that can make or break your chances of giving your lover a mind-blowing experience in the bedroom.

No matter how pleasurable your lovemaking techniques may be or perhaps you already have an idea of the erogenous zones that your partner likes to be stimulated, it still boils down to how long your sexual stamina is going to last during the action.

Sure you think your sexual stamina is up to par these days, but not maintain it in the pink will surely lead to frustration between the sheets sooner or later.

Here are a few simple and natural tips that I’ve come across during my extensive research into the male sexuality that will help you get the job done…

Your regular diet is vital.

What you load up on in a regular basis has a very big impact on your sexual stamina because they are your body’s sources of essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function like it should.

Make it a point to mostly eat and drink healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables to have your ideal share of these nutrients.

Moreover, ease up on the oily and salty treats because it will simply lead to weakened erections in the long run.

How often do you exercise?

Sweating it out for at least 15 minutes each day not just helps keep your heart in tiptop shape, but also replenishes your body’s energy levels.

Additionally, having a regular exercise regime “trains” your body to be more resilient when you’re taking on strenuous activities.

And given the strenuousness of lovemaking, making it a habit to sweat it out is definitely a nice strategy to maintain ideal sexual stamina levels.

Kick your smoking habit.

Lighting up when you feel the urge for a drag not only promotes the tightening of blood vessels, but also wreaks havoc on vital organs like the lungs and heart.

And if these organs are already damaged, you’re sure to feel the negative effects on your sexual stamina eventually.

Hydration is key.

Staying hydrated keeps your blood channels supple and elastic, which helps them function like they should whenever you’re getting busy in bed.

Besides directing ideal blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis to get you rock hard, having supple blood vessels, veins and arteries also helps intensify the sensations you experience during lovemaking.

While water should be your top option, loading up on fresh fruit juices is also a smart and tasty choice.

Ease up on the alcohol.

Now while having a moderate drink of your favorite brew has been proven to have sexual benefits like keeping your erections strong, overdoing the whole thing will lead to more than just a bad hangover the next day.

It will also affect your sexual stamina levels big time before you know it.

Keep things moderate and you’re good to go.

Is your sexual stamina fizzling out these days?

Is your sexual stamina fizzling out these days?

Having ideal sexual stamina levels is a crucial factor when it comes to giving your lover an experience in the bedroom that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from boosting your chances of making her achieve an orgasm or two as you go along during your lovemaking session, you’re also in for loads and loads of pleasurable sensations while at it.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that your sexual stamina isn’t like it used to these days. Sure this may be rather frustrating for you, but it doesn’t mean that your sex life is going downhill from here.

And this isn’t a reason to get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial stuff that are claiming to bring back your ability to last long in bed either.

Perhaps you’re just making the following mistakes that are keeping your sexual stamina from really getting in gear…

You don’t exercise regularly.

Sweating it out is a key factor in terms of keeping your sexual stamina up to par.

See, regular exercise not only keeps your heart in the pink, but also maintains the ideal function of your blood channels that distribute circulation and other beneficial stuff all over the body.

As a bonus, making exercise a mainstay in your regular schedule also provides aesthetic benefits, too.

You don’t drink enough water.

Staying ideally hydrated helps keep the natural suppleness and elasticity of the blood vessels, arteries and veins.

Being the primary channels of directing circulation in the body, their overall function can either make or break your chances of having the right energy and endurance levels to last for as long as you can between the sheets.

Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily does the trick.

You mostly load up on junk food.

The food and beverages you consume basically have a significant effect on your sexual stamina levels.

If your regular diet consists of healthy stuff, your body is going to have all the nutrients it needs to keep your sexual stamina at its peak.

The opposite happens when you mostly load up on junk food, especially stuff that are too salty and oily.

You don’t get rid of negative stress properly.

A surge in negative hormones not only makes you prone to problems getting a strong and lasting erection, but you’re sure to experience a dip in your sexual stamina as well.

Besides making it a point to unwind from time to time, discovering a new hobby or playing sports are also other awesome ways to pull this off.

Is your sexual stamina still holding up these days?

Is your sexual stamina still holding up these days?

Keeping your sexual stamina levels up to par is definitely a priority if you’re looking to give a woman a lovemaking session that she won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, really knocking her socks off in the bedroom isn’t just about knowing which erogenous zone to focus on and how to stimulate it.

You also need to have the energy and endurance to keep her pleasure levels off the charts while the action’s hot between the sheets.

Now while a lot of so-called “sex gurus” recommend using artificial means like supplements and pills to boost your sexual stamina levels, I’ve learned a few safe and natural ways to pull the whole thing off during my extensive research into the male sexuality.

I’ll walk you through each one when you read on…

Natural Sexual Stamina Booster #1: Stay ideally hydrated.

Your body needs a certain amount of water to properly function. This is also the case when you’re getting busy with a woman in the bedroom.

See, maintaining your body’s ideal hydration levels don’t just help keep you cool down when the weather’s a bit stuffy.

Aside from maintaining the suppleness and elasticity of the blood channels, they also help keep cells and tissues functioning like they should even during intense physical activity.

Loading up on at least 8 glasses of water daily does the trick (and will help prevent erectile dysfunction as well).

Natural Sexual Stamina Booster #2: Eat the right stuff.

Your regular diet is the ultimate source of nutrients that your body needs to get going physically and mentally, including the time when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

Make it a point to go for foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and other healthy options. Besides keeping in mind to get your hands on fruits and vegetables, staying clear from processed stuff and sugary beverages is a priority, too.

Now while I’m not saying that you should totally swear off your favorite comfort foods and drinks, just remember to have them once or twice and you’ll be alright.

Natural Sexual Stamina Booster #3: Sweat it out as often as you can.

Keeping yourself physically active is a key essential when it comes to maintaining your sexual stamina levels.

Having at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise each day will already do the trick. And it’s totally up to you what exercise you’ll go for as well.

It doesn’t just help keep your lasting power up to par, but also offer aesthetic benefits while at it, too. How’s that for achieving two goals in one smooth deal?

Want to last longer during sex? Check this out.

Want to last longer during sex? Check this out.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are boosting your sexual stamina and keeping it that way is a priority to really give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants every time things are getting steamy between the sheets.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, pulling off just that doesn’t have anything to do with pills, creams, energy drinks and similar artificial stuff that claim to take your sexual stamina up a notch. There are actually simple and natural ways to get the job done.

And here are a few of them to help you get started…

Keep an eye on your diet.

Sure this may sound surprising, but not watching what you eat can sap your sexual stamina sooner or later. This is because not getting the right amount of essential nutrients your body needs to stay in action during lovemaking can leave you unexpectedly tired while you and your partner are at it.

Make it a point to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal plan. Regulate your intake of salt and oils. Never make loading up on fatty and junk foods a daily habit. Now while it’s perfectly fine to munch on your favorite treats once in a while, overdoing it can lead to problems during sex in the long run.

Sweat it out daily.

Having regular exercise in your daily checklist is a must if you’re looking to boost your sexual stamina. Apart from helping raise your energy levels to really give your partner the sexual satisfaction she really wants, this also keeps your blood flow ideal so you won’t have trouble getting stable erections each time you want to have some action in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that you should become a hardcore gym buff to pull this off. You can easily start with low-impact exercises like brisk walking, slow jogging as well as vigorous stretching and intensify your workouts from there. Biking and starting a beginner weights regimen are also smart options, too.

Don’t drink and smoke too much.

Now while there are scientific studies that prove that the moderate consumption of alcohol does have a few benefits to cardiovascular health and a man’s ability to get rock hard on demand, overindulging in your favorite brew will already trigger a health risk called vasoconstriction, in which the blood vessels stiffen and get clogged up.

And this simply means that your sexual stamina is going to dip down sooner or later. A serving or two of your preferred drink is the ideal amount to load up on.

As for smoking, it is best to kick the habit as soon as possible. It doesn’t have any health benefits at all and will only result to a number of very serious health problems in the long run. Apart from tooth decay and bad breath, your risks of getting lung cancer, stroke and heart attack will just balloon.