how exercise keeps your sex life awesome

Here are some cool reasons why you should start an exercise regimen as soon as you can...

Here are some cool reasons why you should start an exercise regimen as soon as you can…

I received a very interesting email the other day from Alvin, a regular reader and he asks if exercise is important if he wants to satisfy his lover each time they get busy between the sheets.

Alvin adds that although he doesn’t sweat it out regularly, he thinks he’s still giving his partner the sexual pleasure she needs.

Now while I don’t mean to scare you, not having daily exercise in your schedule can lead to problems in bed sooner or later. Make sure you read on why you should start having an exercise regimen as soon as you can.

It strengthens your heart.

The heart is a vital organ that is very important when making love is concerned. This is because it supplies the erectile tissues in the penis with the sufficient amount of blood it needs to get a stable erection going.

And if these erectile tissues don’t get the blood they need, it’s either you will end up with a weak erection or perhaps stay soft the whole time. There is even a chance that you’re going to suddenly become limp in the middle of your sex session when this happens.

How’s that for disappointing for you and your lover?

You don’t have to start doing extreme workouts to keep your heart in great shape through exercise though. Kicking things off with slow jogging, brisk walking or perhaps biking already does the trick.

It improves circulation in your body.

As I have stressed earlier, blood is an important factor when it comes to getting and keeping a strong erection. This means keeping your body’s circulation is ideal if you’re looking to always satisfy your lover as soon as things get steamy in bed.

Exercising regularly optimizes blood flow in the system because it helps the channels where blood flows through like the blood vessels, veins and arteries stay naturally flexible. They usually become stiff over time, especially when you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Apart from keeping these blood channels supple and flexible, exercise also ensures that you won’t have to worry about high bad cholesterol levels that promote the development of plaque in them that can lead to stroke and cardiovascular problems in the long run.

It helps you last long in bed.

Come to think of it. Exercise basically helps you prevent yourself from getting too tired during sex before you really please your partner in bed. How would your lover feel if you suddenly run out of juice in the middle of your sex session?