foreplay tricks

Give her the foreplay that she's always wanted with these tips...

Give her the foreplay that she’s always wanted with these tips…

If you’re anything like most men, you can probably get ready for sex at the drop of a hat.

However, women aren’t wired to get sexually aroused as fast as guys do and they need foreplay to really warm up between the sheets.

What’s interesting is that a lot of men think that foreplay is simply about caressing and stroking a woman’s erogenous zones like the breasts, nape, clitoris and inner thighs.

There are actually a lot of other techniques to make your lover all primed up for sex and they’re not as complicated as you may have thought, too. Follow along to learn a few useful pointers that will surely get her going in bed in no time…

Hot foreplay tip #1. Get high-tech with your advances.

Sexually arousing a woman isn’t just about getting physical. It also involves making her hot for a lovemaking session by getting her mind into it. You can even start warming her up before you get inside the bedroom by teasing her with very sexy text messages, which give her a preview of what you’ll do to her when you two get alone.

Hot foreplay tip #2. Make her wait.

The moment you’re already getting frisky, don’t immediately get to the erogenous zones that she expects you to stimulate. Instead of making a beeline to her breasts and clitoris, focus on other areas of her body like the arms, chest and back for a few minutes. She’ll be the one guiding you to the great stuff sooner than you think.

Hot foreplay tip #3. Slow and easy does it.

Most men mistakenly think that the faster they go during foreplay, the easier it is for them to get their lover ready for sex. It’s exactly the opposite really and going faster will just make her feel that you’re only in it for your personal satisfaction. The slower you go, the more your lover will get excited and derive pleasure from the stimulation you’re giving.

Hot foreplay tip #4. Talk dirty.

Now while this may sound surprising, talking dirty while giving a woman foreplay is actually a good way to boost her sexual arousal up a notch. Apart from taking her imagination on overdrive, hearing things from you that only make her blush outside the bedroom also makes her feel more adventurous and ready for anything between the sheets.

Hot foreplay tip #5. Don’t stop until she says so.

No matter how eager you are to sexually penetrate her already, it’s best if you wait until she gives you the go signal. Patience is a virtue here. Sure it may be tough on you at first, but it will let her know that you’re all for her sexual satisfaction and she won’t have difficulty orgasming when you finally do.