erection sappers

You’re definitely going to kick your smoking habit when you check this out…

So let’s get straight down to business…

You are simply noticing that you’re not getting as hard as usual when you get sexually aroused. And it’s already making you feel really anxious when things get hot in bed.

I understand what you’re going through and I’d just like to emphasize that there’s no need to get your hands on artificial stuff that claim to fix this problem.

Chances are you’re just overlooking to include the following key pointers in your lifestyle that will surely bring back your erections to their former glory:

You’re not masturbating regularly.

I know this sounds surprising, but making it a point to masturbate in a regular basis helps your body to maintain its ability to get a strong erection going during sexual arousal.

This is because you’re basically conditioning your brain to be always prepared for action between the sheets.

Interestingly, masturbation essentially involves all the physiological processes that your body goes through during lovemaking, but you’re just going at it solo.

And come to think of it. Masturbation is one very pleasurable thing to do, too.

You’re not loading up on the healthy stuff.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite comfort food from time to time, not having a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet is going to affect your overall circulation.

Having enough blood flow in your pelvic region during sexual arousal is an essential to achieve a strong erection.

If those erectile tissues in the penis won’t have their ideal amounts of blood to firm it up, there’s a very big possibility that you’re either going to have a weak erection or perhaps not get hard at all.

Your alcohol consumption is too much.

Although having a serving or two of your favorite brew can actually help improve your circulation, drinking like a fish will just lead to the opposite.

And what’s even more terrible is the part of the brain that’s responsible for sexual pleasure gets numbed out when there’s excessive levels of alcohol in the blood.

(Smoking is out of the question, too. You have to kick the habit as soon as you can.)

You’re not exercising regularly.

Exercising vigorously for at least 15 minutes daily helps maintain optimum circulation.

And this means you won’t be prone to problems directing blood flow where it’s really needed, like, say, when you’re looking to get some action going between the sheets.

You can start things off with low-impact exercises like slow jogging or biking.