anal sex mistakes

Here are a few anal sex mistakes you should keep clear of...

Here are a few anal sex mistakes you should always keep clear of…

I’m pretty sure that going at it in the backdoor the next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom is on your sexual bucket list.

Having anal sex is practically one of the most popular sexual fantasies a lot of guys would want to experience for themselves between the sheets.

However, there are also a lot of things that men tend to mistakenly think about anally penetrating their partners during sex. And we’re going to discuss the most significant ones as you go along…

A woman can have anal sex anytime she wants.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, anal sex is something that women need to get the hang of. Sure you may see it almost routine when you watch a porn movie, but it’s nowhere near like it in real life.

Apart from making the whole thing totally uncomfortable for your partner to the point of being painful, not prepping her up properly for anal sex can also condition her mind not to do it ever again.

Make it a point to talk to your lover about your plan of having anal with her beforehand and not just surprising her in the middle of your sex session with a sudden change of penetration strategy.

There’s always a next time if she says no though.

It’s okay not to have lots of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the natural ability to produce lubrication, so it’s up to you to really make your anal sex session to be as smooth as possible by having the right amount of lubrication while at it.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to lube is you can never have enough of it. If you think you’ve already got a sufficient amount, double it up just to really make sure. And it’s also a great idea if you stick to water-based ones in the process.

You can go at it fast and furious.

Akin to regular vaginal sex, kicking off anal sex like there’s no tomorrow is absolutely a no-no. Again, this isn’t a porn movie that we’re talking about.

Besides the possibility that your lover is going to be extremely anxious while you’re getting in action, there’s also a chance that the lube won’t be working its magic properly. She’ll only find the whole experience terrible, which isn’t the overall outlook that you’re gunning for.

Start slow and stay at it as you go along. Unless your lover asks you to rev up the rhythm to a new level, it’s still best to keep things slow and easy.