anal sex mistakes

Want to really make her enjoy anal sex? Read this.

Want to really make her enjoy anal sex? Read this.

You’re simply noticing that your lover isn’t enjoying anal sex no matter how hard you try while the two of you are it.

Even when you’re already bringing your A-game into play, she’s just not getting the pleasurable sensations that you’re hoping she’d experience in the process.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Chances are you’re simply making a few mistakes that make anal sex not the pleasurable for her.

So make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are to really wow her the next time you and your partner are doing it in the backdoor…

You’re not making her as sexually aroused as possible.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making a woman totally sexually aroused is a must when it comes to engaging her in a round of anal sex.

They believe that they simply have to slap on some lube and everything’s ready. But the thing is this is perhaps the biggest mistake that you can ever do when you’re looking to have anal sex with your lover.

See, if she’s not completely in the mood, chances are she will have a problem getting really relaxed, which can make it very tricky for her to get eager to be sexually penetrated in the anus.

You’re not getting your hands on lots of lube.

The anus is totally different from the vagina, which can naturally produce its own lubrication. You’ll need to grab a lot of lube (and you need to keep in mind to get the right type in the process) or else she won’t find anal sex pleasurable at all.

This is because the sensations she will just experience are going to be anywhere from downright awkward to very uncomfortable to the point of pain.

And don’t just settle for a single, liberal application. As soon as you feel that things aren’t as smooth as you began with, make it a point to put on some more.

You get fast and furious immediately.

Akin to the vagina that will become rather sore when you go full speed ahead on it as soon as you get the chance, the anus will also feel this way if you give it the same treatment.

Keep in mind to go as slow and easy as you can. Only take things up a notch when you see and feel that your lover is more comfortable and relaxed while at it.

So you've finally convinced her to say yes to anal sex...

So you’ve finally convinced her to say yes to anal sex…

So you’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you…

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, doing it in the backdoor isn’t just about putting on some lubricant and sexually penetrating your partner anally.

There are some things you need to remember to make the experience as awesome for her as it for you. Make sure you read on to find out what they are…

You rush things.

Although your lover said yes to anal sex, chances are the idea of being sexually penetrated in the anus is still a bit taboo to her.

Keep in mind to ease your partner into it before you start up the action.

This makes it easier for your lover to relax, which not only helps her really get sexually aroused, but also become more open to the idea of anal sex while at it.

And no “I accidentally put it in there” shtick, too.

You forget to have lots lubricant.

Most men believe that simply having a handful of lubricant will already get the job done when it comes to anal sex.

In fact, you’ll need lots of it or else things won’t go as you expected no matter how hard you try.

See, the anus doesn’t produce a natural lubricant like the vagina. And just having a single application won’t cut it. You’ll need to apply and re-apply often during the experience.

When you feel that things aren’t as slick, it’s time to apply another batch.

(Now here’s why you need water-based lubricants when it comes to anal sex.)

You go fast and furious during the action.

Although I already emphasized the need to ease your lover into anal sex, I’d have to reiterate it again when you’re starting up the action.

Don’t just shove it in there when you thrust. Do it as slowly and gently as you can to help your partner get used to the feeling.

Only pick things up when she’s finally got a rhythm going. Remember that she’s calling the shots in this department or else you’ll botch it up sooner or later.

You don’t listen to her while you’re at it.

Listening to your lover while you’re having anal sex is a key factor to make her really enjoy the experience.

Your partner can point out the things she likes and the ones she doesn’t.

And the more you know these, the better your chances are at convincing her to give anal sex another go.

Here are the mistakes that can make anal sex terrible for her...

Here are the mistakes that can make anal sex terrible for her…

Now while I’m pretty sure that anal sex is definitely on your bedroom to-do list, having it on your next sex session just because you are in the mood for it is not as easy as it seems.

Sure you may have seen how almost effortless doing backdoor action is in porn movies, but it is actually very different in real life.

And not having a surefire anal sex strategy puts you at risk of making your lover feel very uncomfortable during the experience.

It’s even possible that she won’t give it another try no matter how hard you convince her!

So if you’re looking to really make anal sex an amazing experience for your partner, make sure you keep clear from these mistakes that can easily ruin the whole thing…

Anal sex isn’t an instant thing.

Unlike what you see in porn movies, you simply can’t have anal sex in the middle of your lovemaking session just because you want to.

You have to discuss it thoroughly and meaningfully beforehand with your partner or else the experience will just be going to be a disaster not just for her, but for the both of you.

And don’t go for the “oops-I-put-it-there-accidentally” shtick, too. It will only ruin your lover’s sexual mood, not mentioning her trust in you as well.

Have lots and lots of lube ready.

Not getting your hands on a sufficient amount of lubricant is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you’re planning to have anal sex with your partner.

This is because unlike the vagina that can naturally produce its very own lubricant to make sexual penetration smooth and easy, the anus needs help in this department.

Make it a point to have lots of lubricant ready before you start having anal action with your lover. Expect to reapply sufficient amounts of it during anal sex.

Still don’t have an idea how much is enough? Get as much as you think is ideal for you and double that amount.

You have to prepare her anus.

There is a big chance that anal sex is taboo to your partner.

And simply sexually penetrating her in the anus when you get the opportunity will just feel weird and uncomfortable for her.

Keep in mind to prep up her anus before sexually penetrating it. You can either gently massage and caress it with your fingers or perhaps stimulate it orally.

When you feel that she’s getting more relaxed with her anus being stimulated, ask her if you can already penetrate it.

If she says yes, you are in the clear. If it’s no, keep on going with your prepping up until she says so.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

So here’s the situation…

You’ve finally convinced your lover to give anal sex a go. But the problem is you don’t have a clue how it’s really done.

Besides the risk that you’ll just end up hurting her in the process, there’s also the possibility that she won’t give you another chance to do it in the backdoor when you blow this.

So make sure you follow along to find out the anal sex mistakes that you should always avoid to really make the experience amazing for her…

You don’t make her as sexually aroused as you can.

Your lover will find it quite difficult to enjoy anal sex if she isn’t totally into it. This is because it will be a new experience for her and a bit taboo at first, too.

One way to boost your chances of making her enjoy the whole thing is taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

This is because her body will produce a lot of mood-altering hormones that won’t just make her become more receptive to sexual pleasure, but also lower her anal sex inhibitions at the same time. How’s that for two for two?

You don’t have a lot of lube ready.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, you will need ample lubrication to make anal sex pleasurable. Unless you keep her lubed up, there’s a risk that she will feel very uncomfortable while you’re at it and not enjoy even a moment of it.

She can even have an injury in the process since the anus isn’t naturally capable of producing lubrication!

So keep in mind to have a lot of lubrication on hand for your anal sex session. One key thing to remember is having too much lubrication is just right because nothing sucks more than running out of lube in the middle of action.

And one more thing. Go for water-based lubricants since they’ll have a more natural feel for her.

You get fast and furious as soon as you can.

Sure you may have seen it in porn, but thrusting forcefully and quickly right away during anal sex is a very big no-no. This will only lead to disaster.

Besides making the experience painful for her, it’s also possible that this is the last time she’ll ever be convinced of having anal sex.

Start slow and keep at it, unless your lover asks you to go faster and harder.