Premature Ejaculation – Why It Happens And How To Stop It

Woman sitting on bed considering premature ejaculation

Most women don't know how to handle a man with premature ejaculation

Did you know premature ejaculation is curable by 100% natural methods? By understanding the main reason why it happens you’re about to learn how to stop it for good…

Premature ejaculation happens for one primary reason…

Pleasure Overwhelm.

Most men have no idea how to influence how much pleasure they experience during sex.

And a huge cause of premature ejaculation in most men is simply down to the fact that during sex they let their pleasure levels get way too high so they lose control and orgasm early.

If you can learn to take control or influence the pleasure you experience during sex so instead of experiencing overwhelm you experience fulfilling maintainable levels of pleasure you’ve just discovered the key to lasting longer in bed.

An important side-note: I’m ALL about 100% fulfilling and fun sex.

Learning to last longer in bed does NOT mean making sex boring or pleasure-free.

This is why I’ll rarely recommend approaches like “think of someone really ugly” or “do math in your head to distract you”.

Because those things make sex BORING.

What I want you to know about are techniques and strategies that help you control your pleasure, while at the same time keeping sex fun and fulfilling for both you and the woman you’re with.

So to last longer all you’ve got to do is begin taking control of the pleasure you experience during sex and making sure it doesn’t move into overwhelming levels.

The first step to doing this is…

Step 1 – Pleasure Awareness

During sex most men have NO idea how close they are to orgasm, but then suddenly it comes along and they think “oh shoot” there’s nothing I can do.

If you want to last longer you can’t afford to let this happen.

You have to become very aware of your arousal levels and how close to orgasm you are.

And doing this is really as easy as just PAYING ATTENTION.

When you start asking yourself “how close to orgasm am I?” you’ll know when you start getting close.

And when you realize you’re getting close then implement the second step…

Step 2 – Pleasure Control

When you’re close to orgasm but don’t want to climax yet you’ve got to lower your pleasure levels to prevent that orgasm.

There are many strategies for doing this, but two very simple ones are as follows…

Slow Things Down

As dumb and as simple as it might sound… NO GUY DOES THIS!

When you’re getting close to orgasm just start thrusting slower.

By thrusting slower you reduce the stimulation / pleasure you experience which means you delay how long until you need to orgasm.

If you go really slow you can even end up recovering significant amounts of stamina so in a few minutes time you can speed up again without the need to orgasm straight away.

Change Positions

Another dead simple method to reduce your pleasure levels from overwhelming levels is to TACTICALLY change positions.

By changing positions at just the right moment in time you can help yourself last significantly longer, because during a position change you get an essential break from pleasure and stimulation.

Even a short break can do wonders to helping you recover stamina so that when you get started in your new position you can last much longer.

The Formula For Curing Premature Ejaculation

What I’ve just shared is a great formula for curing premature ejaculation…

Just start becoming aware of your pleasure levels and when they get too high take corrective action to lower them to a sustainable level so you can enjoy long fulfilling sex without the worry of premature ejaculation.

And by the way, would you like to learn some more ways to stop yourself from experiencing overwhelming pleasure and premature ejaculation?

I’ve just uploaded a free video for you that explains in detail the strategies I used to end my premature ejaculation and go on to last over 35 minutes in bed, you can find it by clicking this link…

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