How Can I Last Longer Tonight? With These 5 Simple Tricks

Satisfied Woman

Satisfied woman from man lasting longer in bed

In this article I want to answer the question “how can I last longer tonight?” by giving you 5 simple tricks that you can

use tonight to stop premature ejaculation…

I want you to know that the tricks I’m about to share with you are “quick-fix” solutions.

These solutions require virtually NO extra effort and they are great to use when you don’t have time to implement a long-term strategy for treating premature ejaculation or you just want some instant results to last longer TONIGHT.

So don’t look at these as the “ultimate solution” to premature ejaculation, but look at them as a powerful starting point and a way to help you build some momentum in learning how to get full control in the bedroom and answer the question “how can I last longer tonight?”.

With that said, let’s get straight to the tricks…

1 – Masturbate before sex

If you’ve got the time masturbate once before you know you’re going to have sex. Having one orgasm in the day means you’re much more likely to last longer the second time round during sex.

2 – Wear a thick condom

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is experiencing too much stimulation and getting overwhelmed with pleasure. One “quick-fix” way to put a stop to this is with a thick condom that will reduce the pleasure you feel. It’s not an ideal solution, because it will make sex less pleasurable, but you will get the longer-term pleasure of long-lasting sex.

3 – Do math in your head

Here’s another “last ditch attempt to gain control” method you can use when nothing else is working. Try doing some complicated math in your head. By having to work out something complicated it takes your focus away from the pleasure going on in your genitals and so will delay your orgasm.

3 – Urinate before sex

This is such a simple trick, but almost no man does it. You probably don’t realize this, but having a full bladder puts pressure on your genitals which encourages early orgasm. Put a stop to this unnecessary cause of premature ejaculation by urinating before you have sex.

4 – Lick the roof of your mouth

This actually originates from Tantric sexual practices. The theory is that by licking the roof of your mouth you transfer energy up your body away from the genitals and in the process you last longer. Whether you believe the theory or not doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it works so I highly recommend you give it a try.

5 – Pull out and give her oral sex

Do you ever find yourself getting close to orgasm and feel like there’s nothing you can do? Well don’t just keep thrusting away expecting to miraculously be able to last longer, take corrective action. If you pull out and give her oral sex you’ll give yourself that much needed break from stimulation but at the same time you’ll keep the pleasure going for her. It’s a win-win move because you get to last longer and she still gets pleasure.

Now like I said earlier these 5 tricks are what I call “quick fix” solutions and although they don’t fully cure premature ejaculation in themselves, what they do is they answer the question “how can I last longer tonight?” and you can put them to instant use without hassle.

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