Sex Tips

These tips will help make masturbation even more pleasurable.

These tips will help make masturbation even more pleasurable.

I’m pretty sure that you’re not a stranger to masturbation and you’ve probably done it lots of times already.

There’s even a chance that you’ve just beat one off or perhaps planning to choke your chicken later.

(Not a fan of masturbation? Well, here’s an awesome benefit you’ll get from it that you’re missing out on.)

Now while you may already have your very own style of “flogging your dong” or “nerking your throbber,” I’ve picked up a few pointers during my extensive research into the male sexuality on how to make the whole experience even more pleasurable.

Make sure you read on to learn what these are…

Use the other hand.

It’s not uncommon that you do the deed with your dominant hand.

And chances are you’re already quite familiar with all the sensations that you can get when using that hand to “milk the lizard.”

Make it a point to use your non-dominant hand the next time you masturbate. Besides offering new sensations that you haven’t experienced before, it also adds variety to the whole thing.

Put on some tunes.

Music basically helps you feel more at ease.

And the more comfy and relaxed you are, the more intense the pleasurable sensations you’ll experience during masturbation.

You can go for slow jazz, R & B as well as instrumentals to get you on the right track.

Stroke as slowly as you can.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, achieving orgasm and ejaculating aren’t just the fun parts of masturbation.

The pleasurable sensations that you get with each stroke are also going to be amazing if you do them as slowly and gently as you can.

I know this sounds rather surprising right now, but you’re going to activate a lot more sensitive nerve endings in and around the penis if you do it this way.

And the more nerve endings you activate, the more feel-good sensations you will experience.

Experiment with your position.

Don’t just masturbate while lying down or sitting (or perhaps whatever position that you normally have when you’re “slamming the salmon!”)

Keep in mind to expand your horizon each time you do it. Try it while kneeling, lying on your side or while wearing a blindfold.

Sure this sounds a bit odd, but you’ll never know how much pleasure you’ll experience if you don’t try new things, right?

Do it with your partner.

Masturbating with your lover basically has two very awesome rewards: first, seeing her diddle herself is sure going to be very hot and second, you’re sure to learn some new things that you can use to knock her socks off when you two are already at it in the bedroom.

These mistakes can prevent her from getting in the mood for sex.

These mistakes can prevent her from getting in the mood for sex.

A woman’s sexual arousal plays a crucial role in giving her a lovemaking session that will either knock her socks off or leave her feeling flat and unsatisfied.

Now here’s the situation…

You’re simply noticing that your lover isn’t as eager to have sex with you like she used to these days.

And it’s already getting you worried that you may be losing your touch when it comes to getting her sexual mood going in the bedroom.

There’s no need to get upset yet, though. Chances are you’re just making a few mistakes that can prevent your partner from feeling frisky.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are…

How’s your grooming?

Let’s kick things off with perhaps the most important factor when it comes to getting a woman fired up for sex.

See, how you look and smell can easily affect the way her body churns out positive hormones that are needed to trigger the key changes for sexual arousal.

Make sure you always keep your overall grooming up to par if you’re looking to get lucky each time you’re feeling the urge to get the action going between the sheets.

(Here are some useful grooming tips you can take note of.)

Your bedroom is a mess.

Women are very particular with cleanliness and organization.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your sexual moves may be if she thinks that your bedroom is topsy-turvy.

Keep in mind to give your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it needs as much as you can and you’re on the right track.

You skip foreplay.

Foreplay is basically the foundation of getting a woman fired up for lovemaking.

Skipping it means that you’re just on your way to disaster because she won’t be going to get completely sexually aroused and will have a tricky time achieving an orgasm as you go along.

You use the same techniques over and over.

Now while you may have an idea of the things your lover likes in the bedroom, simply doing them again and again will eventually make them flat.

Always update your sexual checklist to keep your partner on her toes whenever the two are at it in bed and you’ll be surprised with the results.

You don’t let her call the shots.

Ask your lover to take the lead the next time the two of you are already getting things on in bed. Besides making her feel more sexually excited, she will also be more adventurous while at it.

Keep these in mind the next time you have anal sex.

Keep these in mind the next time you have anal sex.

If I were to ask you to reveal the top things in your sexual bucket list, I’m pretty sure that anal sex is one of them.

Besides offering new sensations that you haven’t experienced before, sexually penetrating your lover in the backdoor also makes you feel really macho.

But the thing is even though you’ve got a general idea of how anal sex is done, you and your partner still haven’t given it a go in the bedroom yet.

There’s no need to worry, though. I’ve picked up a few useful pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you get the job done properly.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Her sexual arousal is essential.

Unlike what you see in porn movies, having a bout of anal sex isn’t about simply making a beeline for your lover’s anus to penetrate it with your penis.

You’ve got to really fire her up for lovemaking first or else she won’t be that eager to get the backdoor action going.

And simply zeroing in on her rear as soon as you get the chance will just be awkward and uncomfortable for her.

Grab a lot of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication like the vagina. You’ll need to get your hands on lube to make your anal sex session smooth and pleasurable for her.

Not keeping this in mind will just lead to disaster.

In case you’re still not sure how much lube to reach for, here’s a simple technique you can use: picture out the ideal amount you’ll need and multiply it by two.

Ease her into it.

There’s a big possibility that your partner thinks anal sex is a bit taboo, so make it a point that you discuss the whole thing with her before you even think about pointing your member in the direction of her anus.

“Accidentally” inserting it in the backdoor will simply sap away her mood for action in the bedroom.

Slow and easy is the way to go.

Sure the temptation to go fast and furious as soon as you get the chance may be great, but keep in mind to start the ball rolling with slow and easy thrusts.

You can pick things up as you go along when she’s feeling more comfortable.

Ask her to guide you.

Your lover will feel more confident to give anal sex a shot – and keep at it – if you give her the notion that she calls the shots.

Ask her to guide you as you go along and she’ll be much more comfortable while at it.

Do these to get more blowjobs!

Do these to get more blowjobs!

Ah, blowjobs.

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that getting head from your lover is one of the things that you’re looking forward to when things are sizzling up in the bedroom.

Besides giving you loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, getting some oral attention from your partner also makes you feel really manly.

However, you’re simply noticing that she’s not as eager to go down on you during lovemaking these days.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, it doesn’t mean that your days of getting BJ’s from your partner are almost over.  Chances are you’re not just properly easing her into it in bed.

Make sure you follow along to learn a few things I’ve picked up during my extensive research into the female psychology that will help you convince her to get down and dirty south of your border…

Don’t be bossy.

Now while showing initiative during lovemaking is a strategy that a lot of women will find stimulating, overdoing the whole thing will just keep her from going down on you.

This is because you’ll just give her the notion that you’re already bossing her around. Make it a point to ask her firmly yet still in a gentle way.

You can also start things off by giving her an awesome oral sex session yourself.

Never beg for it.

Sure getting cute with your partner when the situation calls for it is alright, but actually begging for a BJ when you’re at it in bed is just going to lead to disaster.

See, apart from giving her the idea that you’re whiny, she’s also going to have a surge of stress hormones in her body, which can easily sap her sexual mood.

If she declines when you ask her to go down on you, don’t fret or show her that you’re upset. You can ask her again as you go along during your lovemaking session.

Make her feel that you really like it.

Always make your lover feel that she’s the greatest when she goes down on you.

Remember to appreciate the things she does and be rather vocal when she’s already getting busy down there.

Just keep in mind to tell her of the things that you don’t like while at it so she won’t do them again the next time around.

Keep your hygiene down there up to par.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes for a bit. Would you be game enough if you don’t look and smell so good down there?

Well, there’s your answer.