Sex Tips

These pointers can help boost your chances of finally getting some head from her.

I won’t lie to you.

Based on personal experience – or sexperience, if you will – BJ’s are simply awesome. Besides feeling great, getting head is also one of the manliest experiences that you’ll ever go through.

How about you? Do you have a similar viewpoint about blowjobs?

However, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails on the subject, especially on how to convince a woman to go down on you, these past few days. And to help those who need a bit of assistance in this department, this post is for you.

So without further ado, let’s get the whole thing going…

A lot of guys consider blowjobs as one of the things that should be always on their sexual checklist when they get in action between the sheets.

However, what makes things a bit interesting is that most women aren’t that too excited to give oral sex when things get hot in the bedroom because of a few simple factors.

So if you’re looking to improve your chances of getting more action downtown from your lover, here are the key factors that can easily break your chances of getting a blowjob almost instantly…

You think you’re entitled to get a BJ session from her.

Although women like to have sex as much as men do, they need a bit of time to adjust when it comes to trying new stuff in bed. Sure encouraging your lover to give your oral sex is nice, but pestering her about it just every time you get frisky is a different story.

Don’t feel bad if she isn’t up for oral sex the first or second try. Wait until you think she’s ready to handle it. Patience is a virtue when oral sex is concerned and you’ll be nicely rewarded if you just hang on. Make sure you beef up your efforts at stimulating her mentally while you’re at it to speed the whole thing up, too.

You don’t go down on her like you should.

Now while this may sound surprising, it takes your initiative to go down on your lover before she will be eager to give you the same treatment. However, you shouldn’t consider this as a favor or else you won’t change her mindset about blowjobs successfully.

Make sure you always pleasure your partner orally every time things get hot in the bedroom. Always stimulate her vagina, clitoris and other erogenous hot spots in and around her groin area during sex to give her the impression that you really like going down on her. You’ll be just surprised how fast she’ll want go down on you sooner or later.

Your personal hygiene needs improvement.

Women are very inherently particular with visual and nasal cues when it comes to oral sex. In simpler terms, you have to smell and look good to them or else you won’t be able to convince her to go down on you anytime soon.

Make it a point to shower regularly and give your privates a really good scrubbing if you’re planning to make your lover give you oral sex. Trimming your pubic hair is also a smart idea while you’re at it.

And here’s a cool bonus: perking up your overall hygiene helps boost your chances of making her say yes to action in bed, too.

Did you know that you could lose the power of your erections if you have these habits?

Now while you may think that getting rock hard when things get hot in the bedroom is something you can do almost instantly, not keeping a few habits in check can easily make achieving a stable erection extremely tough sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to keep your ability to get rock hard on demand up to par, here are some of the habits that could make you suffer from the dreaded “softie syndrome” sooner or later if you’re not very careful…

Bad Habit #1: You’re not having regular dental checkups.

Excellent oral health is a priority if you’d like to keep your ability to get rock hard on demand.

Make sure you drop by your dentist’s clinic at least every two months and never ignore chipped teeth and painful gums.

Keep in mind to carefully brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, too. A spritz of mouthwash also helps a lot.

Bad Habit #2: Are you spending most of your time sitting down or watching TV?

Now while this may sound surprising, spending most of your day sitting down and watching TV can put you at risk of not getting an erection during sex.

Not having enough exercise like jogging regularly not only promotes the accumulation of plaque along the blood vessels, but also significantly lowers your sexual stamina.

Exercising for at least half an hour daily is already enough to keep your body in tiptop shape and it doesn’t have to be that strenuous or challenging for you.

Other choices you can go for include biking and brisk walking.

Bad Habit #3: You light up when you’re feeling the urge.

Smoking is no doubt one of the most dangerous vices you can ever get in on.

Apart from destroying your lungs, cigarettes also contain considerable traces of very dangerous chemicals like cyanide and carbon monoxide that can lead to other harmful effects to your body.

One of these effects is encouraging the build-up of plaque along the blood vessels, which makes it extremely difficult for blood to pass through.

And this also means stable erections will be hard to come by. Sure drinking may have its benefits, but you should quit smoking as soon as you can.

Bad Habit #4: You down 3 or more drinks every day.

Now while indulging in your favorite brew from time to time does have a few health benefits like making your heart stronger and keeping blood flow optimal, drinking too much can constrict blood vessels and make it tough for you to get an erection.

Make sure you only enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol each day, no matter what the occasion may be or even if everybody’s getting buzzed like crazy.

This means only a shot or two of your preferred liquor or perhaps a couple of bottles of beer are recommended.

She’s looking for some action if she shows these signs…

I am really disappointed with what a lot of self-proclaimed “pickup artists” are saying.

They claim that getting a woman in the mood for lovemaking instantly – remember the operative word here is “instantly” – is just about doing a “secret technique.”

See, I’ve already pointed out in a previous post that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that making a woman sexually aroused is a process.

But what I can tell you is I’ve gathered some pretty useful information when it comes to figuring out if a woman is already getting hot under the collar.

Read on to find out more…

Women can sometimes be very tricky to decipher between the sheets. There are times when you think you’ve already got her going for lovemaking, but you find out that she still needs a bit of warming up, which can be a bit disappointing.

Now while your lover may not have neon signs all over her body that light up when she’s in the mood for sex, there are actually simple ways you can use to tell if she’s ready to jump in bed with you.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these are…

 Hint #1: She is rather anxious…in a good way.

 A lot of sensations hit a woman when she is sexually aroused that she’s basically confused how to react to them all at once.

You can tell that she’s feeling the mood for love if she seems to be very agitated, but in a good way. Don’t mind what she does. Just get into action.

Hint #2: She keeps on licking her lips.

A woman’s brain sends out massive doses of the natural chemical, dopamine, when she is sexually aroused.

This basically makes her lose her inhibitions and do a number of things she doesn’t normally do like clicking her lips, cocking her head from side to side and even arching her back. You can also expect to see a sultry smile in there, too.

Hint #3: Her eyes seem to be giving you the “come hither” look.

A woman’s eyes tend to glaze over when she gets sexually aroused.

As I have pointed out earlier, this is because of the hormonal changes that are happening in her body. The next time you two get frisky between the sheets, make it a point to catch a glimpse of her eyes, especially the pupils. If they’ve noticeably widened, then you’re in business.

Hint #4: She is blushing.

Your lover’s blood flow basically becomes more active during sexual arousal.

This is because akin to men, blood flow is also channelled to her sexual organs to make them function properly during lovemaking. While this is happening, the extra amounts of blood tend to pool in specific areas like the chest, neck, thighs and armpits. If you’re in doubt, better give them a quick peek.

Hint #5: Her breathing rate goes north.

When a woman feels sexually aroused, the hormonal patterns in her body are disrupted.

Besides raising up her blood pressure levels, her pulse also quickens and her body temperature climbs. Due to this sudden increase in temperature, the body compensates by breathing faster to cool off. This ultimately makes her breathing shallower and quicker.

Stop worrying and start thinking more positively. You’ll never believe its sexual benefits, too!

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced coming rather too soon from time to time during sex.

Now while there may be a lot of possible instances why you ejaculated prematurely, the primary reason why a lot of guys don’t last long in bed is because they don’t think positively.

Sure this may sound surprising, but negative thinking can ruin your chances of actually giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants. Make sure you follow along to learn how thinking positively can help you extend your bedroom playing time easily.

Positive Reason#1: You’ll last longer during sex!

For starters, negative thinking won’t just lead to your having trouble getting an erection, but successfully lasting long in bed like you want as well. This is because it basically warps the way your body reacts to sexual stimuli.

Sure you can still get an erection and feel pleasure during sex, but it isn’t as good when your mind is not shrouded in negative thoughts. It’s like forcing yourself to enjoy something you really don’t find enjoyable.

And here’s the thing, if you’re more sensitive to your sexual responses, you can easily gauge your movements to avoid coming too soon. You can easily go faster and slower during lovemaking without worrying about ejaculating prematurely.

Positive Reason#2: It helps you raise her pleasure levels even higher!

Come to think of it, can you really focus on giving a woman the sexual pleasure she’s always wanted if all the things in your head are negative?

Besides having the possibility of doing the wrong things that won’t give her as much sexual pleasure, you can also experience a panic attack in the process if you overload your mind with negative thinking.

Positive thinking not only allows you to properly plan out your sexual strategy, but it can help you carry it out without a fuss as well. Your movements will be more fluid and she won’t feel you’re rushing her in any way, too.

Positive Reason#3: You won’t feel anxious when things get hot in bed!

Now while men and women can be very different when it comes to getting sexually aroused, guys still need to be relaxed with themselves so they won’t ejaculate too quickly during lovemaking.

Anxiety doesn’t just affect a man’s ability to get a stable erection, but can also disrupt his ability to last long between the sheets because he feels he extremely stressed instead of being pleasured.

Moreover, you can also make your lover feel awkward while at it because chances are your movements are going to be somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated.