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These mistakes can easily ruin her sexual mood.

These mistakes can easily ruin her sexual mood.

When it comes to giving a woman a sex session that will really knock her socks off, getting her ideally prepped up for lovemaking is definitely a priority.

Apart from making her really wet for sexual penetration, getting her really going for lovemaking also boosts the production and release of positive neurotransmitters and hormones in her body that will take her chances of reaching the Big O during the action up a notch.

But the thing is I discovered during my extensive research into the female sexuality that a lot of guys tend to overlook a few mistakes that can keep women from really getting in the mood for a sex session.

There’s even a possibility that you’re making some of them, too. Why not follow along to find out what these are?

Making a beeline to her erogenous zones.

Let’s kick things off with perhaps the biggest mistake that can easily ruin your partner’s sexual arousal…

Now while physically stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones like the breasts and clitoris when you’re looking to get her sexual mood in gear is one of the ways to do it, zeroing in on them as soon as you get the chance will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable.

(Start the ball rolling with a kissing session that will blow her mind and you’ll be on the right track.)

You move too fast.

Slow and easy should be your mantra when you’re working your magic on your partner to get her prepped up for lovemaking.

Besides promoting a surge in positive hormones and neurotransmitters that set off the necessary changes to make sex pleasurable for her, taking things slow and easy also keeps her on her toes while you’re at it, boosting her sexual excitement levels.

Getting fast and furious will just give your lover the notion that you’re rushing her, which will just make her feel more anxious than horny.

Saying she’s “hot” during sex talk.

Although it’s a good strategy to reassure your partner that you find her sexually attractive when things are getting hot in the bedroom, there’s a possibility that things will go the other way around when you use the words “hot” and “sexy” to describe her.

This is because she will just have the idea that you only see her as a sex object.

Keep in mind to use the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous” since they convey sincerity and respect in a woman’s perspective even during lovemaking.


Your erections could be at risk! Read this.

Your erections could be at risk! Read this.

I’m pretty sure that you consider your ability to achieve a strong and lasting erection on demand as one of your most important attributes as a guy.

Although you don’t have a problem rising up to the occasion when you’re feeling frisky with your lover in bed these days, I’ve learned during my extensive my extensive research into the male sexuality that it’s possible that a man can lose his ability to get rock hard in the long run if he doesn’t keep an eye on some key factors.

And there’s even a chance that you’re overlooking some of these factors, which makes you prone to erectile dysfunction sooner or later if you don’t set them straight.

If you’re aiming to keep on getting quality erections each and every time, make sure you follow along to find out what these factors are…

Your regular diet.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but what you load up on in a regular basis can easily make or break your ability to keep on getting hard when you want to.

See, your body needs essential vitamins and minerals to keep on functioning like it should. Not having enough of these nutrients can lead to physiological issues in due time.

Make it a point to chow down on fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can and limit your consumption of junk foods to a minimum.

Your water intake.

Interestingly, water keeps the blood channels like the blood vessels, arteries and veins supple and elastic so that circulation can pass through them without a problem.

Keeping in mind to down at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily helps keep your hydration levels up to par, which simply means you won’t have fizzling erections anytime soon.

Going for fresh fruit and vegetable juices is a nice option as well.

Your habits.

Did you know that lighting up when you feel the urge can prevent you from getting rock hard like you should? This is because there are chemicals present in cigarettes that have been seen to constrict the blood vessels.

As for drinking, excessive alcohol consumption also affects the part of the brain that is in charge of sexual arousal as well as activating the orgasmic and ejaculatory responses of the body.

Your exercise schedule.

Exercising regularly basically helps keep the heart in tiptop shape.

And if you’ve got a healthy heart, pumping blood to the erectile tissues in the penis won’t be a tricky thing for you.

Looking to make fingering even more awesome for her?

Looking to make fingering even more awesome for her?

Fingering your lover is no doubt one of the most versatile that you can do to her when the action’s already getting hot in the bedroom.

Apart from having the opportunity to stimulate some of her extremely sensitive erogenous zones, you won’t be coming anytime soon while you’re at it as well.

Now while you may already have a general idea of how to pull the whole thing off, I’ve picked up a few useful tricks that can make the experience even more awesome for your partner.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Be a tease.

Most guys tend to go all the way when it comes to getting a fingering session going.

Besides pushing their fingers in completely as soon as they get the chance, they also start things off with a fast rhythm.

Make it a point to tease your lover as much as possible before you really pull out all the stops when you’re getting busy with your fingers.

Make things hotter than usual.

The sensations that you can promote during a fingering session can vary depending on the temperature of your fingers.

Make the experience exciting for her each time by mixing up the temperature of your fingers before you work your magic on her.

You can rub your hands together for a couple of minutes to heat them up a bit or perhaps hold something cold to add a frosty twist to the whole thing.

You’re sure to make her toes curl with this technique.

Stimulate only the outer parts of her vagina at first.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that a woman’s vagina and clitoris needs time to prep up before they can really churn out the ideal amount of pleasurable sensations they’re capable of.

Make it a point to kick things off by stimulating only the outer edges of her vagina and clitoris the first few minutes to give them time to really get into action.

Pleasuring them before they’re really ready will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. And that’s even if you’re bringing your A-game into play while at it, too.

You can also stimulate her other erogenous zones like the lower abdomen and inner thighs in the process.

Switch hands from time to time.

Fingering can be a bit tiring as you go along.

Keep in mind to switch hands from time to time so your stimulation will stay consistent. The more consistent they are, the more pleasurable they will be for your lover.

You'd have to try these foreplay tips soon!

You’d have to try these foreplay tips soon!

When it comes to giving your lover a sex session that will really knock her socks off, starting things with a proper foreplay is definitely a priority.

Apart from getting her body ready for lovemaking, it will also promote the ideal release of positive hormones inside her that prep her up for an orgasm (or two) as you go along.

Now while you may already have a few proven foreplay tricks up your sleeve, I’ve come across a few useful pointers that may just help you take her sexual excitement and pleasure levels up a notch the next time you get frisky in bed.

Let me explain what I mean…

Talk dirty to her.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but talking dirty helps fire up her brain to churn out more positive hormones like oxytocin and dopamine.

Pulling this off isn’t as complicated as you think, too. You simply have to describe the things that you’ll do to her while you’re at it.

Just keep in mind to physically stimulate her as well in the process so she’ll be on her toes the whole time.

Deliberately misdirect her.

A lot of guys tend to follow a pattern when it comes to foreplay. Besides getting busy with the same erogenous zones, they also apply the same techniques each and every time.

You can use misdirection to fix this issue. And you can pull this off by making her believe that you’re going to stimulate a particular erogenous zone, but actually zeroing in on a different one.

The sensations she’ll experience are going to be more intense because she isn’t expecting them.

Go for erogenous zones you don’t usually stimulate.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are the breasts, vagina and clitoris are the erogenous zones that you usually have in your foreplay stimulation checklist.

But the thing is there are some sexy spots in your partner’s body that you possibly haven’t given the TLC they deserve before like the inner thighs, back of the neck as well as the lower abdomen or “treasure trail.”

Let her call the shots.

Sure you may be the one who’s initiating lovemaking most of the time, but you’ll be surprised with the results when you ask her to lead the way during foreplay.

Besides getting to know your lover better in the bedroom, you’ll also have a few more tricks up your sleeve the next time you get busy between the sheets that will really knock her socks off.