Massaging Tips

ID-10071040Giving your lover a massage she won’t easily forget anytime soon isn’t just about knowing how and where to knead your fingertips all over her body.

It’s also about having an idea of a few surefire pointers that will definitely take her relaxation levels off the charts even before you start your massage session.

So if you’re still not that confident about giving your lover the relaxing massage she’s always wanted, here are a few tips that will easily help you make her look forward to the next one in no time…

Take time to clean and organize.

Prepping up the place where you’ll give your lover a good rubdown should be the first thing on your checklist. Make sure you get rid of clutter and give the room a meticulous vacuuming to get it as spotless as you can.

Now while this may sound surprising, a woman can’t fully relax during a massage if she thinks that the environment you’re in is messy or needs a bit of cleaning first. You can even take the whole thing up a notch by making the room smell nice while you’re at it.

Have a relaxing playlist ready.

Music doesn’t just help your lover ease her mind to achieve full relaxation and lose her inhibitions to totally enjoy the experience. It also makes her more perceptive to the sensations that you’ll give her as you stimulate her with your fingertips.

Go for songs that are slow and easy like instrumental tracks and ballads. Make sure you take a listen to them first before including them in the playlist to avoid an awkward mix-up. If you think you can get to sleep with a certain song playing, it’s a keeper.

Go for quality oils.

The oil you choose for your massage can either mean its complete success or the entire opposite. Besides providing the necessary lubrication to allow you to glide your fingertips easily all over your lover’s body, it can also give off an awesome aroma that will surely take relaxation up a notch even further. Although there are a lot of oils to choose from, make sure you ask your lover first what her preferences are to really make her feel like royalty.

Put your mind into it.

It’s not enough that you want to give your lover a relaxing massage. You also have to dedicate yourself to the task ahead. Unless you do that, you’ll only make her feel that your touch is a bit hurried and rather uncomfortable. You’ll also appear impatient and not enjoying what you’re doing.

Remember these tips before giving her a massage...

Remember these tips before giving her a massage…

Giving your lover a massage is not just a great way to soothe her tired muscles. It’s also a smart tactic to warm her up for sex…if you just know a few handy tricks that you should do before getting into action.

Unlike what most men think, giving your partner an unforgettable massage isn’t just about how good you are at kneading her muscles. It also involves knowing what factors to keep an eye on to make sure she’ll enjoy every bit of it.

Surprise your lover the next time you give her a massage by keeping these tips in mind…

Clean up your act.

Now while this may sound surprising, not taking time to prep up the place where you’ll do magic with your fingertips can easily screw the whole thing up. Women are basically sticklers for cleanliness and organization. Your lover won’t be able to fully relax if she thinks that the room where you’ll give her a massage isn’t clean and organized enough.

Make sure you give the room a meticulous cleaning and remove any clutter. Put on fresh pillows and sheets as well as change the drapes. Remember to integrate accents like scented candles and essential oils in the mix to give her the notion that you really took the time and effort to give her an unforgettable massage.

Having a little soak won’t hurt.

A soothing bath is a nice way to start relaxing your lover’s muscles even before you really got started with your massage. Although the usual soap and water combo will already suffice, adding in fragrant oils and similar aromatics will definitely take her pleasure levels off the charts.

Make it a point to personally prepare her bath. Apart from making your lover feel extra special and earn extra brownie points in the process, she won’t also have to do a lot of movement that will tire her muscles even more.

Have all the tools of the trade.

Don’t even think about giving her a massage if you still don’t have all the tools you need to give her one that she will remember for a very long time. Besides assembling a kit with lotion, talcum powder and similar massaging essentials, you also need to have a few towels handy to make sure she’ll stay cozy and warm when you knead her muscles.

A nice playlist is extremely important.

You can entice your lover’s senses even more by putting up a nice playlist for you to groove on while you massage her. Go for smooth tunes that are generally slow and easy to listen. The best genres to pick are ballads, rhythm and blues, instrumental as well as jazz.

Check out these tips to give her an unforgettable massage.

Check out these tips to give her an unforgettable massage.

Practically nothing comes even close to massaging your lover’s weary muscles with regards to scoring a whole load of brownie points easily.

However, giving the perfect massage isn’t as easy as it looks.

If you’re looking to give her the massage that she has always wanted, you’ve got to know a few pointers first to get the job done with flying colors.

Here are the things you need to take note of to pull the whole thing off successfully without hassle…

Always remember to take things slow and easy.

To give your lover the massage that she’ll never easily forget, keeping clear from rushing things should be on top of your checklist.

Taking things rather speedily is only going to ruin the entire program. Apart from making her feel extremely comfortable and pampered, giving emphasis to each caress, stroke or knead when you get into action is sure to take her pleasure levels off the charts almost instantly.

Make sure you have the right supplies on hand.

Now while dry massages are already very relaxing, getting aromatic oils and similar components in the mix will simply amp up the whole experience in a snap. Besides giving you the added lubrication to work your way around every tired muscle, they will also give off amazing scents and smells that are guaranteed to take your lover to massage heaven as soon as you start.

Make ambiance a priority.

If you’re planning to give her an unforgettable massage, then it’s important that you make her feel like she’s in a spa.

No, this doesn’t mean redecorating the whole place to resemble the local health club but rather make ambiance an important factor before you get busy. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side on this one.

Just think of how you can make the whole experience even better by making her feel more comfortable. Do you need fluffier pillows? Does the mattress she will lie on feel just right? What kind of music should you play while you’re at it?

You’re sure to make her look forward to have another massage if you manage to ace these.

Discover massaging tricks that will electrify her senses.

Sure you may already have an overall know-how on how to massage your lover but discovering distinct massaging style adds a nice touch.

Various styles like Swedish and Thai massage focus on different pressure points, muscles and tension. This leads to a range of pleasure and excitement along the way. Remember to have a trick or two up your sleeve and you’re already good to go.

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