How to use kegels to last longer in bed and end premature ejaculation

Let her be the one leading you to bed with these foreplay tips.

Let her be the one leading you to bed with these foreplay tips.

Women don’t get hot and ready for some bedroom action at a drop of a hat like men do. With a few superb foreplay tips, however, you’re guaranteed to get the job licked (pun intended) in no time at all. Make sure you give the rest of this article a careful read through to learn a few foreplay pointers that will definitely get your wife or girlfriend going.

Let her anticipate.

Believe it or not, anticipation is perhaps one of the best tools you can use to take her arousal levels off the charts. Don’t immediately zero in on her erogenous zones the moment things get steamy in the bedroom. Stall for time getting your wife’s or girlfriend’s top off or unbuttoning her jeans. The excitement and anticipation in the process will get her senses all fired up and leave her begging you for more.

Talk dirty to her.

While most men think that getting physical is the only way to get their partners in the mood for sex, whispering kinky things in her ear can also give you the same results. Tell her in graphic detail the things you’ll do to her during your lovemaking session as well as the stuff you know that turns her on and chances are she’ll be up for a round of mind-blowing sex in no time.

Don’t rush things.

Unless your wife or girlfriend is into rough sex, taking things slow and easy is the way to go when doing foreplay with your partner. Spend a few minutes concentrating on a specific erogenous zone like her neck, back of the ears or breasts. You will know you’re doing a good job heating your partner up when her breathing gets a bit faster and she’s moaning like crazy. Use your lips, fingers and tongue at the same time to give her a sexual sensation overload that she will never forget.

Give her just the tip.

Remember the anticipation pointer I told you about earlier? You can make your wife or girlfriend go wild with sexual tension if you just insert the tip of your penis in her vagina when she expects the full treatment. Don’t forget to rub your member over her clitoris and outer labia and get ready to see the full wild sexual side of your partner in action. (Now’s your cue to brush up on your Kegel exercises to last longer in bed and give her the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted.)


Rising up to the occasion won't be that tough now when you check out this article.

Rising up to the occasion won’t be that tough now when you check out this article.

Erectile dysfunction is perhaps the worst sexual setback that a man could ever go through. Besides hindering you from achieving an erection, it also makes successfully having sexual intercourse with your wife or girlfriend seem impossible.

If that sounds horrible already, erectile dysfunction can also lead to major psychological issues, such as severe loss of self-esteem and panic disorders. Sure you may not be suffering from it right now but if you have the following 5 bad habits, you’re guaranteed to have problems rising up to the occasion sooner or later when things get steamy in the bedroom:

Not exercising enough.

Having a sedentary lifestyle is the number one red flag that you should keep clear of when erectile dysfunction is concerned. Apart from making you susceptible to a bevy of serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems, not sweating it out like you should regularly can lead to the blockage of blood vessels and arteries that are responsible for achieving a stable erection.

Not having a proper diet.

If your idea of a meal is a combination of saturated fats, sweets and a couple of servings of soda, then you’re guaranteed to feel the effects not just in your waistline but your nether regions as well. Excess sugar and bad cholesterol can cause blockages to your system that deter the flow of blood to your penis and prevent you from achieving an erection. Stock up your fridge with healthy foodstuffs like oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Not exercising your PC muscle.

Most men tend to overlook the PC muscle’s role in achieving and maintaining stable erections. It needs to be exercised properly if you want to reap the rewards of getting ready for a sex session whenever you want.  If you still aren’t that knowledgeable with the ways to give it a decent workout, here are the things you need to take note of when exercising your PC muscle.

Not drinking moderately and quitting smoking.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and indulging in too much tobacco won’t just put your vital organs at risk of breaking down unexpectedly but will also lessen your ability to get an erection sooner or later. Although scientific studies claim that enjoying a glass of your favorite drink daily can actually make your heart stronger, smoking like a chimney has absolutely no health benefits at all and you should stop as soon as you can.

Not taking a chill pill.

Too much stress can derail your efforts at successfully achieving an erection when you need it the most. The moment you feel that you just can’t seem to sort out your responsibilities at home and at work or perhaps you can’t find yourself focusing properly even on the simplest tasks, make sure you have a vacation as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing physical or psychological stress. You’re going to have erectile dysfunction soon if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Warming her up for a sex session won't be a fuss if you check out these sizzling tips.

Warming her up for a sex session won’t be a fuss if you check out these sizzling tips.

Fully arousing your wife or girlfriend sexually is a prerequisite if you want to get some steamy bedroom action anytime soon. If you’re looking to expand your repertoire of sexual arousal techniques, then this is the place to be. Make sure you check out the rest of this article right now to find out how you can get the job done in no time at all.

Look and smell like a debonair.

When it comes to sexual arousal, women are very much sensitive to visual and nasal cues to get their naughty side going. Smelling and looking nice not only makes you an inviting target for a hot lovemaking session but it also boosts your self-confidence in the process. This doesn’t mean that you should wear a three-piece suit each day or blow your bank account on ridiculously expensive perfumes. Just make sure you dress well and maintain your hygiene and you’re already halfway there.

Brush up on your massaging skills.

While this may sound unbelievable, you can use your sense of touch to take your partner’s sexual arousal levels off the charts if you know how. Stimulating your wife’s or girlfriend’s erogenous zones like her nape, inner thighs, breasts, back of the ears and neck with your fingertips won’t just heat her up easily but will surely lead to more things to come (pun intended) in a short while. Remember to keep it slow and easy so she won’t feel rushed in any way and ruin the mood.

Have a couple of erotic videos handy.

While men can be sexually aroused just by seeing something rather provocative, the same effect can be achieved with women if you provide the right viewing materials at the right time. Sure she may not be that interested with porn as you are but if you show her an XXX clip while you two are getting ready for bed, you can bet that sleep won’t be the first thing on her mind a few minutes after.

Keep her on her toes.

Nothing beats anticipation when the female sexual arousal is concerned. Women almost always expect men to zero in on getting in their pants as soon as the opportunity presents itself and this is where you change the game. If you find yourself in a sexy situation with your wife or girlfriend, keep in mind to make her wait. Stall for time kissing her, taking her top off and just do things that build up the sexual tension even further. Chances are she’ll be the one undressing you when she gets impatient. (Now’s your cue to brush up on your Kegels mastery to avoid disappointing her when you get into action in bed.)

Learn the reasons why you're not getting any from your wife these days and fix it.

Learn the reasons why you’re not getting any from your wife these days and fix it.

If your last lovemaking session with your wife is so long ago you have difficulty recalling the steamy details, then you better give this article a methodical browse right now. Apart from showing you the probable reasons why she’s not that enthusiastic to get between the sheets with you these days, I will also squeeze in a couple of secrets that will revolutionize your sex life without a fuss.

Believe it or not, reigniting the fires of sexual passion with your wife is not as complicated as you think. Make sure you check out the rest of this article to learn the secrets of how to make her the one to lead you off to the bedroom for some action in the near future.

Perhaps you’re being too pushy. Don’t expect your wife to immediately get down and dirty the next time you’re feeling a bit hot to trot. The female sexual arousal process is much more complicated than ours. If your wife is like most women, she won’t get in the mood with just a sloppy peck on the lips and some groping. You have to build up her sexual tension by properly stimulating her erogenous zones to get her fully ready for intercourse.

Perhaps you’re being too sexually aggressive. Sure confidence may be one of the biggest turn ons among women but overdoing it, especially in the bedroom, can easily kill the lovemaking mood in an instant. Barking orders like a marine sergeant will only lead her to think that having sex with you is more of a command rather than something she will get pleasure from. Make it a point to be firm (pun intended) but avoid acting like a klutz if you want to get in her pants.

Perhaps you’re not paying close attention to your hygiene. Smelling and looking nice is an essential if you’re aiming to score with your wife on a regular basis. Always remember to take regular showers, shave off that rather unkempt beard and give your teeth a decent brush as well as keep in mind to splash on some deodorant. By the way, make sure you also ditch that torn-jeans-and-university-shirt combo that only makes you look like a hobo to boost your chances of getting some tonight.

Perhaps you’re forcing her to do some things. There is a fine line between being adventurous in the bedroom and being a complete blockhead. Sneaking your penis into her anus just because you want to try anal sex isn’t just uncomfortable on her part but downright rude. Ask her nicely first if you have the urge to try new positions. If she says yes, congratulations! If she says no, there is always a next time.

Perhaps you’re coming too soon. Premature ejaculation is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to sex with your wife. Lasting longer in bed not only allows you to satisfy your wife sexually the right way but also makes her look forward to your next lovemaking session. Learn how to extend your bedroom playing time by embracing the Kegel as early as now.