Foreplay Tips

Surprise her with these surefire fingering pointers.

Surprise her with these surefire fingering pointers.

Fingering is no doubt one of the most versatile sexual techniques you can go for when you and your lover are already at it between the sheets.

Besides being able to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, which is no doubt the most sensitive erogenous zone in her body, you’re also preventing yourself from coming way sooner than you’d like to while at it.

Knocking her socks off with loads and loads of pleasurable sensations while keeping clear of premature ejaculation at the same time? Definitely a win-win situation during lovemaking.

But the thing is a lot of men mistakenly believe that fingering a woman is all about making a beeline to her vagina and clitoris and stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow.

If you’re looking to really give her a mind-blowing experience when you work your magic on her with your fingers, here are some useful pointers you need to keep in mind…

Her sexual arousal should be off the charts.

Unlike what you see in porn flicks, your lover should be as fired up for sex as she should or else the whole thing won’t be as awesome for her even if you’re bringing your fingering A-game into play.

It’s really important that you get her as sexually aroused as you can to make her skin, particularly in and around her erogenous zones, extra sensitive as well as get her juices flowing down there, too.

Prematurely pleasuring your partner will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Check your fingernails.

Sure this sounds a bit surprising right now, but your fingernails can easily make or break your chances of giving her the sexual satisfaction she wants when you finger her.

Make it a point to keep your fingernails ideally trimmed and cleaned or else they will simply annoy or hurt your partner when you get in action.

Moreover, dirty fingernails can also make her sick so keep them properly clean and clipped.

Slow and easy is crucial.

It’s not true that attacking the vagina and clitoris vigorously during fingering is important to immediately get her on track to experiencing a blast of pleasurable sensations. You’re better off by starting things slow and easy to get her in the right rhythm.

Don’t worry. She’ll be the one asking you to speed things up when the action’s already getting hot.

Pleasure her other erogenous zones.

Fingering isn’t about focusing on her vagina and clitoris. Don’t forget to give her other erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs, lower abdomen and back of the neck the attention they deserve in the process.

Is she losing her interest in oral sex nowadays?

Is she losing her interest in oral sex nowadays?

Getting some oral attention from your lover is no doubt one of the things that you’re looking forward to when the both of you start up the action in the bedroom.

Besides giving you loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, seeing your partner get busy south of your border is also pretty exciting.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that she’s not that eager to go down on you during your lovemaking sessions these days.

Sure not getting the right dose of Vitamin BJ during sex is rather frustrating, but there’s no need to worry just yet really.

Chances are you’re just making the following mistakes that prevent her from working her oral magic on your nether regions when things get pretty hot in bed…

You’re not keeping a close eye on your hygiene.

Let’s start the ball rolling with a key factor that some men tend to overlook.

No matter how long you and your partner have been together, it’s still important that you make it a point to look and smell like a million bucks to her.

See, your smell and appearance play key roles when it comes to getting her sexual arousal going.

And if your lover is not that fired up for lovemaking, she won’t be that excited to go down on you during the action.

You’re not giving her oral sex yourself.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard of the adage “you reap what you sow.”

It’s also possible that your lover’s lack of interest in giving you oral sex these days stems from the fact that you’re not giving her the oral TLC that she wants in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that in order to keep her eager to go down on you, you’ve got to knock her socks off each time you explore south of her border as well.

(Here’s an awesome clitoral stimulation tip that will help you get the job done.)

You don’t ask her nicely for it.

Now while showing leadership and initiative is a turn on for women, overdoing the whole thing will just lead to the opposite.

Your lover will just think that you’re already coming off as bossy for her in the bedroom, which will keep her from getting busy down there.

Make it a point to always ask your partner nicely when you want her to give you oral sex.

Unlike what porn movies show you, it isn’t done by simply bobbing her head in the direction of your penis, too.

Are you looking to spice things up in bed? Check this out.

Are you looking to spice things up in bed? Check this out.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably like to get in action between the sheets with your lover as much as you can.

However, you’re simply noticing that your partner seems to be not as excited for lovemaking like she used to nowadays.

Now while this may be rather worrying for you, it doesn’t mean that your sex life is going to get downhill from here.

I’ve learned a few useful pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may help you spice things up in the bedroom the next time you and your lover are getting frisky.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Give your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it deserves.

Let’s start the ball rolling with a factor that a lot of guys seem to overlook. See, women are very particular with a bedroom’s organization and cleanliness.

If your partner thinks that your bedroom is messy, she may not get as sexually aroused as she should to get in the mood for a lovemaking session.

Keeping in mind to regularly clean and organize your bedroom will do the trick.

Play some sexy tunes.

A woman needs to feel completely relaxed to get really sexually aroused. And playing the right tunes when you’re looking to heat her up for lovemaking helps a lot.

Make it a point to go for slow and downbeat music when you’re putting your playlist together. Instrumentals, ambient sound and slow jazz are my top picks for this.

Let her call the shots in bed.

Sure this may sound a bit surprising, but giving your lover complete control in bed from time to time has a few interesting benefits that you’d like to know about.

Besides making your partner more sexually adventurous, chances are she will also be more excited to get down with you between the sheets. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Focus on lesser known erogenous zones.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already got a list of erogenous zones like the breasts and clitoris to work your magic on when you’re heating things up in the bedroom, but concentrating on their lesser known counterparts will help rekindle her sexual excitement.

Besides stimulating her lower abdomen, which is also called as the “treasure trail,” pleasuring her earlobes and back of the neck are also nice choices to go for.

Add a splash of kinkiness.

Make it a point to add a bit of kinkiness when you’re having a lovemaking session. And it’s not as complicated as you may think right now.

There are actually lots of ways to pull this off. Apart from using a blindfold while you’re getting busy in bed, you can also play sexual games in the process.

These mistakes will prevent her from getting an orgasm.

These mistakes will prevent her from getting an orgasm.

So here’s the situation…

You and your lover are already at it in the bedroom. And I bet that the first thing on your mind is making her achieve orgasm while the action’s going on between the sheets.

Now while I’m pretty sure that you’ve already got a checklist of things that boost your partner’s sexual excitement and make her reach the Big O, I’ve learned some mistakes you should keep clear of during lovemaking that can ruin her chances of getting an orgasm.

And that’s even if you’re already pulling out all the stops in bed. Keep the following mistakes in mind to really knock her socks off the next time you have a sex session…

You don’t prioritize her sexual satisfaction.

A lot of men seem to forget that they should prioritize their partners’ satisfaction in the bedroom if they’re looking to really knock their socks off with an orgasm or two as they go along during their lovemaking session.

Always put your lover’s satisfaction first when you’re prepping up for sex. This includes the positions and stimulation techniques that you go for. Always pick those that will leave your partner breathless and you’ll just be surprised with the results.

You go full speed ahead when you get the chance.

Sure the temptation to go full throttle when you get the chance may be great as soon as the sexual action starts, but she won’t be enjoying the experience as you will.

Although the whole thing may sound like you’re at a disadvantage, you’re actually hitting two birds with one stone when you include this in your sexual checklist: first, the pleasurable sensations she’s going to experience will be intensified; second, you’re going to last much longer in the process.

Now how’s that for two for two?

You don’t mix up your moves in bed.

Now while it’s not uncommon that you already know the stuff that she likes when you’re at it between the sheets, doing the same things over and over will just make the experience rather flat for her.

Make it a point to update your sexual moves from time to time and you’ll boost your chances of making her come while doing so.

Don’t ask her if she’s “coming soon.”

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you asked the “are you coming” question to your partner a few times already. Besides being quite distracting for her, she will just have the notion that she’ll need to fake an orgasm to avoid making you feel that you’re not giving her enough satisfaction.