Foreplay Tips

Looking to give her a massage session she won’t easily forget? Read this.

Giving your wife, girlfriend or lover a massage is not just a great way to soothe her tired muscles. It’s also a smart tactic to warm her up for sex…if you just know a few handy tricks that you should do before getting into action.

Unlike what most men think, giving your partner an unforgettable massage isn’t just about how good you are at kneading her muscles. It also involves knowing what factors to keep an eye on to make sure she’ll enjoy every bit of it.

Surprise your lover the next time you give her a massage by keeping these tips in mind…

Step 1: Prep up your bedroom as meticulously as you can.

Now while this may sound surprising, not taking time to prep up the place where you’ll do magic with your fingertips can easily screw the whole thing up. And chances are it’s going to be the bedroom. Women are basically sticklers for cleanliness and organization. Your lover won’t be able to fully relax if she thinks that the room where you’ll give her a massage isn’t clean and organized enough.

Make sure you give your bedroom a meticulous cleaning and remove any clutter. Put on fresh pillows and sheets as well as change the drapes. Remember to integrate accents like scented candles and essential oils in the mix to give her the notion that you really took the time and effort to give her an unforgettable massage.

Step 2: Help start her bath.

A soothing bath is a nice way to start relaxing your lover’s muscles even before you really got started with your massage session. Although the usual soap and water combo will already suffice, adding in fragrant oils and similar aromatics will definitely take her pleasure levels off the charts.

Make it a point to personally prepare her bath. Apart from making your lover feel extra special and earn extra brownie points in the process, she won’t also have to do a lot of movement that will tire her muscles even more.

Step 3: Keep in mind to have all the stuff you need.

Don’t even think about giving her a massage if you still don’t have all the tools you need to give her one that she will remember for a very long time. Besides assembling a kit with lotion, talcum powder and similar massaging essentials, you also need to have a few towels handy to make sure she’ll stay cozy and warm when you knead her muscles.

Step 4: The tunes matter a lot.

You can entice your lover’s senses even more by putting up a nice playlist for you to groove on while you massage her. Go for smooth tunes that are generally slow and easy to listen. The best genres to pick are ballads, rhythm and blues, instrumental as well as jazz.

And now, sir, you’re ready for action.

Oral sex mistakes you need to keep clear of.

Oral sex mistakes you need to keep clear of.

Oral sex is no doubt one of the best strategies you can go for when it comes to giving a woman a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Now while you may already have a general idea of how to pull the whole thing off, there’s still a possibility that you’re making a few mistakes when you explore south of her border.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I’ve picked up a few mistakes that can make the experience dull and even uncomfortable for her.

So if you’re looking to really blow her mind the next time you go down on your lover, here are the oral sex no-no’s you need to keep clear of…

Stimulating the clitoris right off the bat.

Sure the clitoris may be the most sensitive of all the erogenous zones in a woman’s body, but it doesn’t produce and release pleasurable sensations at the drop of a hat. It needs to be properly prepped up first before it can churn out sensations that will blow her mind.

Make it a point to go for other moves like petting and stroking to get her really going instead of making a beeline to her clitoris. This may sound surprising, but she’ll just end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable when you stimulate it prematurely.

Not getting her totally sexually aroused.

A woman’s body won’t be ideally responsive to stimulation when she isn’t completely sexually aroused. She won’t feel the sensations that you’re aiming for if her sexual arousal isn’t off the charts.

If she’s not fired up for lovemaking like she should, chances are oral sex will feel dull for her if you go down on her. Her clitoris will also puff up if she’s reached the state of complete sexual arousal, too.

Going too fast too soon.

You will just make her feel uncomfortable – and eventually sore – if you go fast and furious on her south of the border as soon as you get the chance. Slow and easy does when it comes to oral sex.

Besides making her more sexually excited with each stroke you do, going as slow as you can also promotes more intense sensations for her. Put two and two together and you’ll knock her socks off in no time.

Not asking for her inputs.

Letting her guide you doesn’t just make her feel that you’re really into her, but also gives you the opportunity to push the right buttons as you go along. And when you do that, she’ll have the best oral sex experience each time you go down on her.

She'll be more eager to go down on you with these pointers.

She’ll be more eager to go down on you with these pointers.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are getting some oral attention from your lover is no doubt one of the things that you look forward to each time the action gets hot in the bedroom.

Besides being very pleasurable, it also makes you feel quite a man. But the thing is your partner seems to be not as eager to blow you like she used to these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. I’ve picked up a few pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may just help bring back her eagerness to give you a blowjob.

Let me explain what I mean…

Be as inviting as can be.

How you look and smell down there can make or break your chances of getting a BJ from her. This is because women are very particular with grooming. If she thinks that your grooming south of the border isn’t up to her liking, she won’t be heading that way to pleasure you anytime soon.

Give her awesome oral sex each time.

Oral sex is a two-way street. It’s either you pull out all the stops when you’re giving it or perhaps get a bad BJ when you’re on the receiving end. There’s even a possibility that her eagerness to go down on you will plummet in the process. Knock her socks off with amazing oral sex each time and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Vocal is the way to go.

Make it a point to really be vocal when you feel the pleasurable sensations during oral sex – and she’s the one giving it. See, apart from giving her the notion that you really like being blown, she will also think that she’s on the right track to giving you a BJ that you’ve always wanted. You can easily guide her while she’s at it, though.

Don’t boss her when you’re hankering for a BJ.

Sure asking her to go down on you is one thing, being bossy about the whole will only lead to disaster. This is because you’ll just end up making her body produce a lot of stress hormones that will make her feel anxious, impatient and awkward. And you’ve already got  a preview of how your oral sex session will turn out. Always make it a point to be gentle with her when you ask her to go down and you’ll be rewarded.

Avoid these fingering mistakes to really knock her socks off.

Avoid these fingering mistakes to really knock her socks off.

Fingering is no doubt one of the most pleasurable moves that you can do when you and your lover are already at it in the bedroom.

Now while you may already have a general idea of what fingering is, I discovered during my extensive research into the female sexuality that a lot of guys seem to overlook a few mistakes that can sap away the pleasure of the whole thing.

So if you’re looking to give her a fingering session that she won’t forget anytime soon, here are a few no-no’s that you should keep in mind…

You start immediately.

The first fingering mistake that we’ll touch on is kicking things off as soon as you get the chance.

Sure you may see this move in porn flicks, but all you’re going to do is make her feel awkward and uncomfortable.

This is because the vagina and clitoris need time to prep up so they can really produce the pleasurable sensations that they’re capable of.

Give her a foreplay session that she won’t forget anytime soon first and you’re on your way to knocking her socks off while at it.

You don’t trim your fingernails.

Your fingernails can easily make or break your chances at giving her a fingering session that will blow her mind.

Besides significantly reducing the pleasurable sensations that her body is going to churn out while you’re at it, her sexual mood is going to plummet with each stroke you’re going to do as well.

Make it a point to keep your fingernails clean and trimmed before you start the action south of her border.

You only focus on her vagina and clitoris.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, fingering isn’t about stimulating the vagina and clitoris. It also involves taking her sexual excitement levels up a notch in the process.

And one way of pulling this off is keeping her on her toes as you’re bringing your fingering A-game into play.

Don’t just concentrate on her clitoris and vagina when you’re fingering her. Make it a point to stimulate her other erogenous zones like the inner thighs and lower abdomen to intensify the pleasurable sensations she’s experiencing.

You go too fast.

This is another porn flick move that you see in porn. Going too fast when you finger her will just lead to disaster.

Keep in mind to start as slow and easy as you can and you’re on your way to blowing her mind.