So you’re looking to ace that first date…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, convincing a woman to go on a second date with you isn’t about getting lucky.

It’s rather about knowing a few tricks to easily boost your chances of taking her out again. So if you’re looking to finally land that second date you’ve always wished for, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

Remember you’re not on a booze run.

Although it’s alright to have a drink or two on your date, simply having too much will just lead to disaster. Some guys think that downing a lot of their drink of choice will make them more confident on their date.

Sadly, this is not true. It will just make you act erratic, talk gibberish and eventually blow your chances of landing another date with a woman. Just to be safe, stick to water, juice or cola.

Pick the most trivial topics to break the ice.

Breaking the ice properly is a good way to make a woman feel more comfortable being with you. And unless you make her feel just that, chances are she won’t be that excited to go out with you again no matter how hard you try.

It’s not that tough to actually get a great conversation going when you’re on a date. You only have to do one thing a lot of guys tend to overlook when they’re going out with a woman: talking casually. Make it a point to kick things off with topics that are fun to talk about and you’re sure to be off on a good start.

Steer clear from politics, religion and other things that can prevent your date from really opening up to you. If you feel that she’s not that receptive to you anymore, talk about something else or get back to a topic that she likes.

Look and smell like a million bucks.

Now while I don’t mean this as something offensive, how you look and smell can make or break your chances of scoring a second date with a woman you’ve got your eyes on. Unless you make your date feel that you’ve exerted a lot of effort to look and smell nice, chances are she won’t be that too eager to go out with you again.

See, grooming is one of the key elements women use as a standard if a guy deserves to have a second date with them. Besides being a sign of how they take care of themselves, it also gives women a preview of how healthy a man is.

Interestingly, taking regular showers, brushing and flossing frequently as well as using deodorant also helps boost the production and release of feel-good hormones in the body that make you feel more comfortable and confident during your date.

Are you noticing that your sexual stamina is fizzling out?

So you’re noticing that your sexual stamina isn’t as powerful as it used to when things get steamy in the bedroom…

However, this isn’t the time to reach for pills that claim to boost your sexual stamina up a notch, but can have negative effects to your body sooner or later. You only have to pinpoint the reasons why you’re not as energetic between the sheets nowadays.

And here are a few key factors that can easily sap you of your sexual stamina sooner or later:

Reason #1: You’re loading up on the wrong stuff.

Sure having a bite of your favorite snacks and comfort foods every now and then is perfectly alright, loading up frequently on stuff that are too salty or oily can affect your sexual stamina the least you expect it.

Aside from making sure that you have fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, keep in mind to drink lots of water as well as having fiber a mainstay in your menu like oatmeal and leafy greens.

Reason #2: You’re not working out like you should.

Sweating it out in a regular basis basically helps you build your body’s energy reserves. Doing it daily for at least 15 minutes easily bolsters not just your stamina, but also conditions your muscles to do their job efficiently when you and your lover get in action in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that you should kick things off by instantly becoming a fitness buff to pull the whole thing off. Having a vigorous walking and jogging regimen should get you on the right track without a fuss.

Reason #3: Your vices are already off the top.

Now while there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying your favorite drink at the end of the day, remembering to keep things as moderate as possible is a priority if you’re looking to maintain your sexual stamina.

Overdoing it can easily constrict channels in your body where blood flows like blood vessels, veins and arteries. Apart from making it rather difficult for our body to repair and rejuvenate itself, which can lower your stamina levels when things get steamy in bed, you will also find it tricky to get a stable erection going during sexual arousal.

Although loading up on a reasonable amount of alcohol can actually help improve blood flow, simply getting tanked every time you indulge in it is definitely going to take a toll on your sexual stamina. Remarkably, you should quit smoking as early as now since it doesn’t have any benefits to the body at all.

Always keep clear from these crucial dating mistakes!

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that acing a first date is as easy as looking like a movie star. A few spritzes of an expensive cologne also helps boost your chances of doing just that as well.

However, having a successful date is more than just looking and smelling great. It is also avoiding making these mistakes that a lot of guys don’t even have the slightest clue they are doing them already.

You hog the spotlight.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes a lot of guys make when they’re out with a woman is not listening intently to them when they are engaged in a conversation. Apart from giving them the notion that you are interested in their ideas and feelings, you are also making them feel anxious and impatient.

See, listening is one way to establish trust with your date. Unless you make a woman feel that she can easily open up to you, chances are she won’t be trusting you anytime soon, which also means that it’s game over when it comes to your date.

Moreover, besides blowing your chances of making your date successful, you won’t also get to know the woman you’re out with better that can easily help you plan your next strategy to make her fall for you.

You’re not listening to her.

Not listening attentively to your date is one thing and talking too much is another. Simply not giving the woman you’re out with the chance to share her ideas easily turns her off.

This is because your date will think that you are self-centered and rather difficult to engage in a discussion with. And when this happens, your chances of earning her trust are going to be bleak.

Keep in mind to make the conversation mostly about your date and you’ll be just fine. Make it a point to find out a few interesting things about the woman you’re out with like her favorite fruit or movie and the discussion will flow smoothly.

You don’t give her a hint of mystery.

Women like a bit of mystery when it comes to their dates. Simply opening yourself up to a woman as soon as you engage in a discussion is definitely a no-no because she will think you’re boring since you’ve already bared it all.

Have a few mysterious details here and there to intrigue her and you’ll pull off a successful date in no time.

Being late…which is a dating mortal sin.

Showing up late on a first date is perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. She will immediately have the wrong notion about you, too. And you don’t want that to happen, right?

Are these habits making your erections fizzle out?

Not having the ability to get and stay hard in bed is perhaps one of the most devastating things that can happen to a man.

Now while not exercising enough as well as indulging in too much alcohol and tobacco are known to be the usual culprits for erectile dysfunction, there are other causes for it that aren’t as popular as the others.

Just to make things even more interesting, you could be already doing them right now. Make sure you follow along to learn more.

How’s your coffee consumption?

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee that perks you up after a couple of sips. Now while this natural chemical is processed by the body easily, having too much in your system at once is a different story. Apart from ending up feeling jittery and extremely nervous, having a caffeine overload will only cause your blood pressure to waver, which only leads to weakened erections.

Limiting your coffee consumption to three cups is a smart idea. Don’t go for beverages that just contain too much sugar as well like the lattes and frappes you can buy in commercial coffee shops. If you’d like to indulge in one, just make your own.

Riding too hard can make you less hard.

Now while biking may be one of the best exercises to keep your heart in excellent shape, hopping on your bike just most of the time can easily cause erectile dysfunction sooner or later.

Bike seats have been known to pinch the nerves in the perineum that cause tingling in the penile tissues when used too frequently. Exceeding more than 3 hours of bike rides a week can already put you at risk of not getting it up during sex.

Make sure you check the height and shape of your bike seat as well. Seats that make your knees rise too much in the air when pedalling have the possibility of stretching the muscles in the groin too much and lead to the same effects.

Are you a soda pop addict?

The University of Minnesota revealed that consuming more than 8 ounces of carbonated soda every day raises a man’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Aside from causing irregular blood pressure levels that can keep the erectile tissues in the penis from getting the sufficient amount they need to make them ready for intercourse, type 2 diabetes also destroys the ability of nerve endings to become sensitive.

This simply means you just won’t get hard on demand, but also won’t feel any pleasure at all when your penis is stimulated.