About Jack Grave

Hey, it’s Jack Grave here.

Welcome to my site.

I hope you find a ton of valuable info on how to last long in bed.

What you’ll learn here are the exact strategies and techniques I use to last over 35 minutes.

But it hasn’t always been this easy for me.

I’m just a normal guy and I definitely wasn’t born with “sex skills” or any unique gift.

In fact, I used to last only 10 SECONDS in bed.

It was painfully embarrassing to say the least.

And I know that any man whose been there can relate when I say it truly SUCKS not to be able to last long in bed.

Sure, a woman might say she’s satisfied, but when you can’t last more than a few minutes you know how she REALLY feels.

Anyway, to make a long story short I got determined to figure out the REAL secret to lasting longer in bed.

I did a TON of research – investing in books, trainings, “personal development” stuff.

I even tried some of the classic “quick-fix” solutions like condoms with special “last longer” cream in them.

But what really started to work for me when I start experimenting with my OWN ideas.

I used little bits of info I picked up from various places, but what made the massive difference was in some of the breakthrough sex techniques I discovered on my own.

And after enough trying eventually I cracked it.

I figured out the solution to end premature ejaculation once and for all.

And I’d like to take the opportunity I have now to share some of the techniques I used on this site.

So have a look around and I hope you find the solution you’re looking for.

All the best,