3 Ways You Can Use Skin Stimulation To Get Her Really Sexually Aroused

Stimulating a woman’s skin is something you should take take full advantage of in the bedroom.

I’d like to ask you a simple question before we kick things off…

How often do you stimulate your partner’s skin when you are looking to get her in the mood for action in bed?

Well, the thing is a lot of men miss out on the power of stimulating the skin to take their lovers’ sexual arousal off the charts.

Unlike what most guys think, the skin is basically one of the best erogenous zones that you should start focusing more on if you’re looking to easily warm up your partner between the sheets.

At its simplest, the skin is basically overloaded with sensitive nerve endings that can elicit countless pleasurable sensations from your lover.

There are around hundreds of thousands of these nerve endings per square inch of your lover’s skin and concentrating on it when it comes to prepping her up for sex is definitely one of the smartest decisions you will ever make during lovemaking.

So if you’re looking to surprise your partner the next time you want to get things hot in the bedroom, here are a few simple yet effective skin stimulation techniques that you definitely have to keep in mind…

You’ll be surprised how a simple tickle can do to get her horny.

Tickling can be rather sexy when done right. It serves a couple purposes in the bedroom as well. One, it loosens her up so that getting sexually aroused won’t be tough for her. And two, the sensations you can give her can vary from plain ticklish to amazingly erotic when you adjust the pressure that you apply on her skin.

A woman’s scalp is an erogenous zone that needs TLC.

Sure her scalp may be well-hidden under your lover’s locks, but stimulating it properly is sure to make her feel tingly and excited all over. As I have pointed out earlier, there are practically countless nerve endings under your skin and interestingly there are a lot of them in the scalp.

There are a couple of ways you can pull this off. You can either offer to wash her hair and give her scalp a good massage in the process, or simply brush her hair gently for a few minutes. Just remember to be extra gentle while you’re at it since the scalp can sometimes be extra sensitive, especially during hot weather.

Get her going with a nice massage.

Now while this may sound surprising, massaging your lover should absolutely be on your checklist when you want to take her sexual arousal up a notch. Women are more likely to be sexually aroused when they are relaxed and nothing beats kneading her weary muscles to start the ball rolling.

There a few things that you should take note of before starting your massage session though. Apart from making sure that the place you’ll give her a massage is clean and organized, taking time to integrate some cool elements like a smooth playlist and aromatic oils in the mix will intensify the pleasure she’ll get while at it.

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