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You’re sure to want to visit your dentist after reading this.

Unlike what most guys think, visiting the dentist regularly is more than just protecting themselves from bad breath, cavities and a slew of other oral health problems.

It’s also an effective way of making sure that they won’t be experiencing erectile dysfunction anytime soon.

Now while the connection may sound a bit tough to link up, neglecting to pay close attention to your oral hygiene is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the development of plaque that clogs veins and arteries…that causes erectile dysfunction.

Blood is what makes an erection happen. A sufficient amount of it is normally channeled to the penis during sexual arousal, which basically makes its erectile tissues stiffen up. However, when the flow of blood is disrupted, you could find yourself having a weak erection or none at all.

Speaking of the disruption of blood flow, plaque tops the list as one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Asides from potentially causing stroke, it can also lead to the dreaded “softie syndrome” when you’d like to get rock in the bedroom.

What’s even more horrible is that while having an unhealthy diet and indulging in harmful vices can eventually lead to the development of plaque, disregarding tooth decay, cavities and sore gums speeds up the process in almost half the time.

So if you’re still not convinced why you should make visiting your dentist a regular in your schedule, here are a few more reasons that will surely give you a change of heart in no time:

Are you looking to lose all of your chompers?

Yes, you read that right.

Come to think of it, would you like to lose all of your teeth sooner or later? Besides making eating a bit challenging, having rotten or no teeth can easily sap your sexual confidence in a snap.

Prepare to be in a world of pain. (Dental pain, that is.)

Having a toothache is like going through extreme pain that can be easily described as similar to an uppercut out of the blue.

The pain is acutely sharp and can happen at any time. What makes it even scarier is you don’t have a clue how long it will last. Ignoring gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can possibly lead to your teeth falling out and, in some cases, bone loss.

Say goodbye to socializing with the ladies.

Let’s get this straight.

Having a funky breath is surely one of the biggest hindrances if you’re looking to get your lover between the sheets. Moreover, meeting women can be tough when you have bad breath as well since it can instantly make them walk the other way instead of actually talking to you.

You won’t give her an amazing massage session unless…

Giving your lover a massage she won’t easily forget anytime soon isn’t just about knowing how and where to knead your fingertips all over her body.

It’s also about having an idea of a few surefire pointers that will definitely take her relaxation levels off the charts even before you start your massage session.

So if you’re still not that confident about giving your lover the relaxing massage she’s always wanted, here are a few tips that will easily help you make her look forward to the next one in no time…

Totally commit yourself to it – or else you’ll just give her a flat experience.

It’s not enough that you want to give your lover a relaxing massage.

You also have to dedicate yourself to the task ahead. Unless you do that, you’ll only make her feel that your touch is a bit hurried and rather uncomfortable – and your chances of getting her in the mood for lovemaking will plummet, too. You’ll also appear impatient and not enjoying what you’re doing.

Quality means a lot more than quantity when it comes to choosing your massage oil.

The oil you choose for your massage can either mean its complete success or the entire opposite.

Besides providing the necessary lubrication to allow you to glide your fingertips easily all over your lover’s body, it can also give off an awesome aroma that will surely take relaxation up a notch even further.

Although there are a lot of oils to choose from, make sure you ask your lover first what her preferences are to really make her feel like royalty.

Your music and her relaxation go hand in hand.

Music doesn’t just help your lover ease her mind to achieve full relaxation and lose her inhibitions to totally enjoy the experience. It also makes her more perceptive to the sensations that you’ll give her as you stimulate her with your fingertips.

Go for songs that are slow and easy like instrumental tracks and ballads. Make sure you take a listen to them first before including them in the playlist to avoid an awkward mix-up. If you think you can get to sleep with a certain song playing, it’s a keeper.

Clean, organize and jazz up your massage venue.

Prepping up the place where you’ll give your lover a good rubdown should be a top priority on your checklist. Make sure you get rid of clutter and give the room a meticulous vacuuming to get it as spotless as you can.

Now while this may sound surprising, a woman can’t fully relax during a massage if she thinks that the environment you’re in is messy or needs a bit of cleaning first. You can even take the whole thing up a notch by making the room smell nice while you’re at it.

Stop worrying and start thinking more positively. You’ll never believe its sexual benefits, too!

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced coming rather too soon from time to time during sex.

Now while there may be a lot of possible instances why you ejaculated prematurely, the primary reason why a lot of guys don’t last long in bed is because they don’t think positively.

Sure this may sound surprising, but negative thinking can ruin your chances of actually giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants. Make sure you follow along to learn how thinking positively can help you extend your bedroom playing time easily.

Positive Reason#1: You’ll last longer during sex!

For starters, negative thinking won’t just lead to your having trouble getting an erection, but successfully lasting long in bed like you want as well. This is because it basically warps the way your body reacts to sexual stimuli.

Sure you can still get an erection and feel pleasure during sex, but it isn’t as good when your mind is not shrouded in negative thoughts. It’s like forcing yourself to enjoy something you really don’t find enjoyable.

And here’s the thing, if you’re more sensitive to your sexual responses, you can easily gauge your movements to avoid coming too soon. You can easily go faster and slower during lovemaking without worrying about ejaculating prematurely.

Positive Reason#2: It helps you raise her pleasure levels even higher!

Come to think of it, can you really focus on giving a woman the sexual pleasure she’s always wanted if all the things in your head are negative?

Besides having the possibility of doing the wrong things that won’t give her as much sexual pleasure, you can also experience a panic attack in the process if you overload your mind with negative thinking.

Positive thinking not only allows you to properly plan out your sexual strategy, but it can help you carry it out without a fuss as well. Your movements will be more fluid and she won’t feel you’re rushing her in any way, too.

Positive Reason#3: You won’t feel anxious when things get hot in bed!

Now while men and women can be very different when it comes to getting sexually aroused, guys still need to be relaxed with themselves so they won’t ejaculate too quickly during lovemaking.

Anxiety doesn’t just affect a man’s ability to get a stable erection, but can also disrupt his ability to last long between the sheets because he feels he extremely stressed instead of being pleasured.

Moreover, you can also make your lover feel awkward while at it because chances are your movements are going to be somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated.

She’s looking for some action if she shows these signs…

I am really disappointed with what a lot of self-proclaimed “pickup artists” are saying.

They claim that getting a woman in the mood for lovemaking instantly – remember the operative word here is “instantly” – is just about doing a “secret technique.”

See, I’ve already pointed out in a previous post that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that making a woman sexually aroused is a process.

But what I can tell you is I’ve gathered some pretty useful information when it comes to figuring out if a woman is already getting hot under the collar.

Read on to find out more…

Women can sometimes be very tricky to decipher between the sheets. There are times when you think you’ve already got her going for lovemaking, but you find out that she still needs a bit of warming up, which can be a bit disappointing.

Now while your lover may not have neon signs all over her body that light up when she’s in the mood for sex, there are actually simple ways you can use to tell if she’s ready to jump in bed with you.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these are…

 Hint #1: She is rather anxious…in a good way.

 A lot of sensations hit a woman when she is sexually aroused that she’s basically confused how to react to them all at once.

You can tell that she’s feeling the mood for love if she seems to be very agitated, but in a good way. Don’t mind what she does. Just get into action.

Hint #2: She keeps on licking her lips.

A woman’s brain sends out massive doses of the natural chemical, dopamine, when she is sexually aroused.

This basically makes her lose her inhibitions and do a number of things she doesn’t normally do like clicking her lips, cocking her head from side to side and even arching her back. You can also expect to see a sultry smile in there, too.

Hint #3: Her eyes seem to be giving you the “come hither” look.

A woman’s eyes tend to glaze over when she gets sexually aroused.

As I have pointed out earlier, this is because of the hormonal changes that are happening in her body. The next time you two get frisky between the sheets, make it a point to catch a glimpse of her eyes, especially the pupils. If they’ve noticeably widened, then you’re in business.

Hint #4: She is blushing.

Your lover’s blood flow basically becomes more active during sexual arousal.

This is because akin to men, blood flow is also channelled to her sexual organs to make them function properly during lovemaking. While this is happening, the extra amounts of blood tend to pool in specific areas like the chest, neck, thighs and armpits. If you’re in doubt, better give them a quick peek.

Hint #5: Her breathing rate goes north.

When a woman feels sexually aroused, the hormonal patterns in her body are disrupted.

Besides raising up her blood pressure levels, her pulse also quickens and her body temperature climbs. Due to this sudden increase in temperature, the body compensates by breathing faster to cool off. This ultimately makes her breathing shallower and quicker.