6 Hints That Can Give You An Idea If She Likes You

So does she really like you? Let’s find out!

I’ll kick things off by pointing out that unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “pickup artists” and “dating gurus” are saying, you won’t make a woman like you in an instant by putting some “techniques” into play.

Now we’ve got that out of the bag, let’s move on to a thing that a lot of guys tend to mistakenly believe. And there’s a chance that you believe in it, too.

A lot of men think that women are extremely tough to decode when it comes to knowing if they’re interested romance-wise.

However, this isn’t true.

Sure this may sound surprising, but women actually send out somewhat obvious cues when they’re really into a guy. So if you’re still having a tough time determining if a woman you like feels the same way about you, here are a few signs that you should keep in mind…

She is comfortable about stripping.

Now don’t get too excited over this. What I mean to say is that women tend to become a bit more outgoing than usual when they’re with a guy they like.

Some don’t even mind taking off articles of clothing like jackets and coats in front of a man they’re interested in. If this happens to you, just imagine the other things she won’t mind taking off for you if you play your cards right…

She mimics what you’re doing.

“Mirroring” is an activity seen among primates and mammals when they’re trying to attract another of their species as a mate. This is also something demonstrated by humans when they’re with someone they like. The next time you see a woman copying your mannerisms and movements, you can safely assume that she’s interested in you.

She seems to want to give your drink or food a try.

Asking another person to give your drink or food a taste is an unconscious sign that you have a certain affinity with him or her. The next time she invites you rather enthusiastically to give her glass of wine or pasta a try, this already gives you an idea how she feels about you.

She touches you intentionally.

Touching is an unconscious way of telling a person that you care. So if you’re getting a casual pat here and a caress there from her, chances are she is attracted to you. Make sure you don’t take advantage of this by trying to touch her all over or else she’ll have a change of heart sooner than you think.

She easily laughs at your antics or jokes.

Now while getting humor into play is a surefire technique to attract a woman, seeing one laughing at almost everything you say is a clear indication that she likes you. Just make sure not to overdo it though like popping an off-color joke or something similar since it can instantly ruin the mood.

She has a pronounced lean when you share something.

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that she likes you. Women unknowingly become more outgoing when they are attracted to a guy. Besides sitting or standing closer to you than usual, they also appear to be very interested about the subject being discussed.

However, I would just like to emphasize that it is still important to keep these crucial grooming tips in mind so you can really wow a woman.

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