4 Ways To Keep Your Erections Strong And Powerful

So you'd like to keep your erections strong and powerful...

So you’d like to keep your erections strong and powerful…

Chances are you consider getting a strong erection a priority when the action’s already sizzling in bed.

Sure you may not have issues rising up to the occasion these days, but neglecting some key factors can lead to erection issues before you know it.

So make sure you read on to find out some tips you need to keep in mind to get and maintain quality erections each time you’re feeling rather frisky with your lover.

Load up on the right stuff.

Your regular diet basically makes or breaks the quality of your erections.

Eating the right stuff not only gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to function properly and this includes setting off a strong and intense erection when you’re sexually aroused.

Make it a point to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy stuff as much as you can and you’re on your way to getting a powerful erection when you need one.

Get and stay hydrated.

Getting an erection involves directing a more than usual amount of blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis.

The faster the ideal amount of circulation reaches the penis, the easier it will be to achieve an erection. Just imagine how quick you can get ready when things are already heating up in the bedroom.

Keep in mind to down at least 6 to 8 glasses of water or fresh fruit juices each day and you’re good to go.

Work out like you should.

Exercise helps strengthen the heart, which plays a key role when it comes to getting and maintaining an erection.

Working out regularly keeps the heart strong and in the pink, which also means quality erections.

You don’t have to become an instant gym buff to pull this off, too. You simply have to go for low impact exercises like jogging and biking to do this.

And as a bonus, you’ll also look trimmer and more appealing when you’ve got exercise in your regular schedule.

Masturbate often.

Masturbation is basically a practice for sex. You’re basically going through all the motions of lovemaking without a partner.

What’s really interesting about masturbation is that you’re also “programming” your body to get and maintain powerful erections in the process.

The more you masturbate, the easier it will be for you to rise up to the occasion when the time calls for it.

How’s that for a nice bonus to an already pleasurable activity?

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