Simple Mistakes That Can Lead To Premature Ejaculation

These mistakes can make you come way too soon in bed.

These mistakes can make you come way too soon in bed.

I’m pretty sure that you’d like to keep your bedroom playing time going for as long as you can to really blow your lover’s mind.

Apart from boosting your chances of making her achieve an orgasm (or two), you’re also going to be in for an overload of pleasurable sensations while at it.

However, I picked up a few interesting things during my extensive research into the male sexuality that can make you prone to premature ejaculation.

Make sure you read on to learn what these are so you can really give her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon the next time things get sizzling in bed…

You worry that you’re going to pop way too soon.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but worrying that you’re going to come sooner than you’d like to basically results to the release of stress hormones in your body.

Besides disrupting the time when your brain should activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses, you’re also going to be prone to other sexual issues like losing the power and intensity of your erections in the process.

Keep in mind to stay positive and you’ll be on the right track.

You go full speed ahead as soon as you get the chance.

There is a connection between the amount of penile stimulation you receive during lovemaking and premature ejaculation.

See, if you get fast and furious the moment you sexually penetrate your lover, the levels of positive hormones and neurotransmitters in your body will build up faster than they should and will make you prone to coming sooner than usual.

Keep things slow and easy and you’ll last longer.

You don’t masturbate regularly.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that masturbation has a lot of sexual benefits that can help you improve your performance in the bedroom.

One of the best masturbation benefits is helping you become really familiar when your sexual peak kicks in, which acts as your cue to pause for a bit during lovemaking, regroup and carry on later.

Moreover, you can repeat this process over and over during a sex session.

You don’t give her a proper fingering session.

Like the mistake I’ve pointed out earlier, fingering your partner eases off the stimulation your penis receives during lovemaking.

Besides keeping clear from coming too soon, you’re also going to have the opportunity to pleasure her most sensitive erogenous zones while at it.

Definitely a win-win situation if you ask me.

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