5 First Date Mistakes That Can Make Her Feel Awkward

So you'd like to make your first date as successful as possible...

So you’d like to make your first date as successful as possible…

Chances are making the woman you’re on a first date with feel as comfortable and relaxed around you as possible is your ultimate goal.

Apart from helping you easily engage and keep her in a meaningful exchange of ideas as you go along, pulling this off also gets you on your way to convincing her to have another date with you.

But here’s the thing…

Unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” are saying these days, making a woman as comfortable and relaxed as she can during your first date isn’t about saying particular words or perhaps doing specific gestures.

Why not follow along to find out the mistakes I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that can make a woman feel awkward and uncomfortable when you’re on a first date?

You show up late.

I know this sounds a bit simplistic right now, but arriving late for a first date gives the woman you’re out with the notion that you either have time management issues or you’re really not that interested in her.

This promotes the release of negative hormones that make her feel awkward and uncomfortable almost at once.

You didn’t plan your getup.

Women are very particular with your grooming on a first date and you can find yourself in a tricky situation if you just hastily grab whatever you can find in your closet on the big day (or night).

Plan your getup meticulously at least a couple of days before your first date to really make a good impression.

You assume rapport with her.

Although showing your date that you’re confident and friendly is a good way to give her the notion that she won’t have a tough time connecting with you, overdoing the whole is just going to lead to disaster.

Start slow and subtle as you can. Don’t get touchy-feely while you’re at it, too.

You break the ice with technical topics.

Now while we’ve previously discussed that women find intelligent men sexy, opening a conversation with something complicated and intricate will simply make her think that you’re trying too hard to give her the notion that you’re smart.

You’ll just end up looking like a blowhard in front of her. Ask open-ended questions instead and you will be surprised with the results.

You keep looking at your watch.

First, this makes her think that you’re bored and want to be somewhere else than being with her. Second, she’ll also assume that you’re not really interested in her right off the bat.

Come to think of it. Isn’t this going to end up in a very bad first date?

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